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    The individual arrives in the world, most early contacts is the home environment, the parents then is the person which we most is intimate with. This time the parents the idea which to our education manner, the method, instill into and we with parents' interaction way and so on, these early experiences to the individual influence is extremely profound, after these possibly can affect our adult to the thing view, the values, the expression emotion way and so on, even is the outlook on life. Therefore wants to penetrate this research to understand the parents nurture view, separately in the anticipation, the education method and the idea, the sex concept, the parents background and the personality special characteristic, why not has with and its to nurtures the view influence.

    2007-03-20 21:08:40 補充:

    This research uses the nature research, chooses a Taibei family is the research object, by way of many times thorough interview, then carries on the induction, the reorganization and the analysis in view of the research material. This research discovery conclusion as follows:

    2007-03-20 21:08:51 補充:

    First, the parents in nurture in the education anticipation and the not obvious difference.

    Second, the father has its sex in the education method and the idea differently; But mother regarding son or daughter then asexual clip on difference.

    2007-03-20 21:09:22 補充:

    Third, the father still received the traditional custom and the general sex mechanical impression influence to the sex concept, still limited to from my sex role; But mother then not receives the general traditional sex mechanical impression to affect.

    2007-03-20 21:09:42 補充:

    Fourth, affects the parents to nurture the view peripheral factor: The father nurtures view mostly to receive relatives and friends' influence; But the mother nurtures view to come from the relatives and friends, the books and the media.

    2007-03-20 21:09:52 補充:

    Fifth, parents both sides although come from the different family background environment, actually also develops same nurtures view.

    2007-03-20 21:09:58 補充:

    Sixth, parents' education manner, the way can affect children's development. Elder brother's individuality quite discrete, younger sister's individuality quite is intrepid, some two factors create, one is the congenital gas archery target relations, another one and parents' education way concerns.

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