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i am a second year electrical engineering student. one of my lecturer say that electronic engineering will have a better job opportunity than electrical engineer or mechatronic. so, my problem now is that i want to know whether the big multinasional companies like Intel, Motorolla, Bosch and etc will hire electrical engineer? if not, then is there any other multinasional company that offer job for electrical student? actually i live in malaysia and many say that the only job for electrical engineer is the TNB company, which is the power supply company for my country. Please advice.

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    I would search in the semi-conductor industry... I think that you are in the right track with Intel... what about Texas Instruments or Siemens? I would definitely search in California and Arizona in the US. Yes, there are opportunities out there for electrical engineers. I would go to www.LinkedIn or and start networking with other electrical engineers, or maybe become involved in a professional organization internationally. Sometimes you will get referrals there. I am sending you some links below:

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    Here's a list of companies on this site:

    Good luck.

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    engineer= someone that read alot of books=cant get a job


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    I don't know, but don't put multinasional on any resumes.

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