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What's the difference between a Barber shop and a Salon?

Does a barber shop still use hair styling products like hair wax or hair glue like a salon? Or do I have these 2 completely mixed up? Please help! "If I want a new hairstyle for a while, where should I go?"

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    Salon: progessive, unisex, all the most recent products.

    Barber shop: all male clientele, old-school, old-fashioned, traditional, lucky if you can get good products.

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    A barber shop is better at blending the hair, best at short hairstyles. Most beauty shops can not blend short hair. If you have longer hair I would recommend a beauty shop,and if you have short hair I would recommend a barber shop.

    Most barber and beauty shops are unisex...just depends on what Kind of cut/style you want.

    I am a Licensed cosmetologist(hair,skin and Nails) and I work as a barber. I carry styling products, it just varies shop to shop.

    I feel , since I have worked both as a cosmetologist, and a Barber that a Barber needs alot more skills than A cosmetologist or hairdresser. But I am sure the Hairdressers wont agree to that.

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    The main difference between a barber shop and a salon is all barbers are allow to do is cut hair. No chemicals. Other than that there is not much difference. I have been a licensed, practicing, cosmetologist for 37 years +. Hope this helps.

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    A barber shop is for males and much more old fashion, you know where they put really thick shaving cream to shave and they use clippers to cut your hair, and SOME barbers do use products like hair wax and hair glue. A hair salon is more of dying the hair and waxing, and they use scissors to cut hair. Hope this helps a lil bit...

    Source(s): My mother. She's a hairstylist.
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    Salons are generally for women and children. Barber shops are for men and boys.

    I recommend going to a salon because your more likely to get someone who knows whats in style. Barber shops tend to be older men with old style.

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    If you're a man and you want a traditional hair cut, go to a barber shop. Usually they're cheap, friendly, and quick. I don't think they use the hair wax anymore, but if you ask them, they probably can produce it for you.

    A salon usually pampers you, and can give you a lot of different hair styles. Be prepared to pay a lot more, and spend a lot more time in there.

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    I would say salon, have somebody refer you. If you like somebodies hair ask them who cuts it and what salon they're in. (Each stylist or barber cuts differently)

    Barber shops mostly provide standard services and haircuts ( maintenance and gossip). and are aimed towards men. Where Salons usually have an image, are aimed towards women ( who always change their look) So the stylist at these salons are expected to be up to date on whats new.

    My suggestion:

    Find a salon that you feel comfortable in, that atmosphere, the attitude.

    Feel if it expresses the look you want.

    Once you find one pay the price, expensive or not.

    Then before it grows out, go to a salon or barber shop in your area or price range. And have them follow your new haircut.

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    At a Barber shop they focus on men and is kind of the same way they havealways been, you can go get ur haircut and a good shave, whereas a salon will wash cut and style ur hair intended for woman

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    Barbers are not required to take a state mandated board certification like cosmetologist. Cosmetologists are usually found in salons. As far as the hair glue, that just depends on how up on products the barber is.

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    A barber shop is a business that caters to men in general. Historically they focus on cuts and shaves. A beauty salon typically caters to women (but men go there now) and their services typically range from cuts, colors, styling and sometimes manicures, pedicures and massages.

    If you want a new hairstyle you should go to a beauty salon. =0)

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    Barber shops are for hair cuts, no styling generally, in/out haircut. Salons are for styling...

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