In Ontario Canada?

i was wondering if there is anyone from Ontario Canada Or Canada at the least, i am geting married may 5th, now i need to know HOW and when and cost of a marriage licence is...

2nd off, do i need a marriage certificate AND licsnce?...


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    Here is an excellent site that covers all the basics:!ut/p/.cmd/cs/.ce/...

    Let me clarify one thing...a marriage "license" allows you to get married. A marriage "certificate" is what you get afterwards. :) It proves that the marriage actually did take place, after you had a "license" to do it.

    A lot has to do with where you are getting married and if you are from Ontario. Marriage licenses are issued by the municipality you are to be married in, not the province. (altho the information is then sent by the municipality to the Province) The marriage licence is valid anywhere in Ontario for three months from the date of purchase. I think mine cost $100, but the costs vary around the province. (a friend only had to pay $25)

    There are documents you need to get the license as well. There are downloadable forms that make all MUCH easier. :) I would get started on it all soon, so you arent at the chapel waiting for the license.

    Remember to change your Social Insurance Card to your new name, and health card, AND drivers license, AND banking......(trust me....if you change your name after marriage, it can get tedious-but fun!) Most of these will need to see your original marriage certificate to change it all.

    Congrats btw~

    Source(s): Married in August myself Province of Ontario website
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