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Plz, tell me wat happened on RAW this week? Did Cena win Chris Benoit?

Every match and important info!


Tell me AFTER RAW! duh...

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    Shawn Michaels vs. JBL: JBL talks smack to Michaels about not beathing up Cena when he had many chances to take a shot at him. Michaels counters his accusation and then gives him sweet chin music. And left with JBL's hat on. Ha!

    Edge and Orton: Because Edge got himself tossed from ringside and Orton lost to Lashley on ECW, a battle royal for Edge's spot in the MITB match has been set. Edge has to win his spot back if he wants in.

    Masterlock Challenge: Bobby Lashley broke the masterlock. After the match, McMahon threw Lashley out, but not before Lashley gave him an evil smile as he was leaving. McMahon bumps into Eugene litterally, and Eugene spills coffee on him. McMahon tells Eugene he has a match tonight and to go get ready. When Eugene left, McMahon tell Coach to get Umaga ready.

    Eleven Man, over the top rope Battle Royal: Super Crazy, Viscera, Nitro, Flair, Carilto, Val Venus, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Kenny Dykstra and Edge. They left the ring in the following order: Viscera, Super Crazy, Val Venus, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Kenny Dykstra, Nitro, Carlito and Rick Flair. Edge rolled out under the ropes with a "knee injury" early in the match only to come back in and take out at Flair. Edge wins.

    McMahon comes out and has the arena staff take the Barber chair and stuff to ringside. Eugene vs. Umaga match. Umaga wins. Then McMahon uses Eugene as a Trump model and shaves Eugene bald. (Or partly anyhow.)

    Candace Michelle calls out Melena for a bra and panties match. Melena wins. Ashley comes out, kicks Melena and rips off her shirt. Khali comes out, grabs Ashley by the throat, about to chokeslam her when Lawler gets involved and he gets slammed instead.

    Next up: Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton. Hardy runs out still sore from his run-in with Khali last week. Orton comes out like usual. Hardy has an early advantage, but Orton tries to pin him once, then submission, and Hardy fights back, tries one pin, then flies high and both are out. Edge comes out pulls out a ladder and puts it in the ring. Randy uses it on Hardy and gets a DQ. Hardy gets his barrings quickly, sets up the ladder and swanton bomb on Orton while Edge looks on, pleased.

    Preview of Stone Cold Steve Austin's new movie The Condemded and then the matches for Wrestlmania are reviewed.

    ECW champ Bobby Lashley vs. Mr. McMahon next week on RAW. Coach voices his concern to Vince, saying pretty much, he doesn't have a chance.

    Shawn Michaels comes out just before the Cena Vs. Benoit match to join the announcers

    Cena vs. Benoit. Benoit comes out then Cena. Benoit has the early advantage taking it out of the ring and almost running into Michaels. Benoit tries a pin. Benoit beats on him some more, tries to pin. Cena finally gets a boot to Benoit. Benoit quickly turns it aound and got Cena ina sharp shooter. Cena tries for the ropes but Benoit pulls him back in the middle. Cena does make it to the ropes. Benoit does 3 german synplexes and tries the flying head butt and Cena moves. Cena builts momentum. Cena does the 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena tries the FU, Benoit counters and tries to get in the crippler crossface, which Cena counters and wins with the STFU. Cena win. Michaels gets in the ring about to give him sweet chin music, but toys with him and doesn't do it. Cena picks up Shawn about to FU him, and doesn't.

    JBL comes out and annouces that next week will have 2 main events. McMahon Vs. Lashley and the No Way Out rematch of Cena and Michaels vs. Batista and Taker.

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    Hmm I in no way bear in mind the followers shouting that Benoit could no longer try against like they did with Cena a 300 and sixty 5 days or 2 decrease back. Infact what I remembered in his lifetime grow to be people cheering at his WRESTLING skill and not his teach-boating. That on my own ought to offer you the hassle-free answer.

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    No Cena has 't won Benoit yet. I can hardly wait for the match to start

  • ya Cena won but they told Benoit to loose the match for they can do the ending of the show. and JBL never fought but got some sweet chin music. can't wait till No Way Ouy rematch

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    It's about to start in 30 seconds.

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    yes john cena won against chris benoit

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    it is not going to start untill 2 minutes.

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    ummm, raw doesn't even start for a few more minutes.

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    Cena got raped

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    It hasn't even began yet!

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