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was special kittypet food recalled?

cat food by Walmart stores inc was it recalled?

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    Yes, the pouched form. This question was already asked at least once today and the website is posted all over the pets section.

    Perhaps you can take this opportunity to upgrade your cat's diet. Something like Blue Buffalo or Natural Balance - both are human quality, contain no fillers, and are farily widely available if you have a petsmart or petco near you.

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    yes special kitty food was recalled. i work at an animal hospital and we were given a list but, the only thing to worry about is if you are feeding your cat/dog chunks with gravy. that's the style that is being recalled. the dry food is fine but, if you need any other information the web site is the ingredient that they are having problems with is a protein called wheat glutin. Menu Foods switched copmpanies so the contamination is in this companies products. Some of the bigger named companies such as Iams/Eukanuba, Science Diet, and Nutro are recalling their products as a precautionary measure.

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    Recalled Cat Product Information

    Recall Information 1-866-895-2708

    yes it has in the us and in canada

    check this website

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    I'm not sure if it was, but it should be. Please do not feed your cat Walmart brand Food. It does not have the proper nutrious requirements. It would be like you eating McDonalds for every meal. Try replacing the food with Nutro. It is still reasonably affordable if bought in bulk bags and will be so much better for your cat.

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    It is almost every cat food in pouch or can that has gravy.....some of the foods are not even on the list, and many of them on the list were from walmart

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    If not, it should be. A cat cannot possibly live to its lifespan on that garbage. You might as well feed your cat rat poison. At least then it will die faster.

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