constent menstural like cramps and 40 weeks pregnant?

They dont come and go and I have been to the hospital and I am not in labor?

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    All you can do is wait. Pack your bag, put your feet up. Get some rest. You'll need it.

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    ... not sure what "constent" is ... do you mean "constant" or "consistent"?

    Anyway, I had almost a half day of menstral-like cramps at 39 weeks (I am now almost 41 weeks). If I wasn't pregnant, I would have thought that my period was starting that day. It felt EXACTLY that way. But after 8 hours, the cramps slacked off and went away. There were never any regular contractions (and it wasn't braxton hicks ... I have been having those for weeks and know them right off).

    When I went to my next appointment, I had my cervix checked and was 80% effaced. My midwife said that the cramps I had felt that one day was the effacement happening. She said those cramps were "progress".

    Maybe your cramps are a sign of progression. Since you are at 40 weeks, that may be the case!

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    Quite possibly Braxton Hicks contractions.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds like braxton hicks contractions, your body is getting itself ready for the real thing. If the pain gets really bad and/or you start having a lot of lower back pain, you should call your Dr. Congrats and good luck!

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    If you're not in labor, you could have to go to the bathroom. I would try to clean yourself out with an enema, anyways, before you go to the hospital. Sometimes, that can jump start labor.

    The pain could be muscle spasms or gas pains. You could be constipated. If you're not in labor, I would try an enema (as gross as it is). If it doesn't jump start labor, it may give you some temporary relief.

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    call your physcian. if he/she's no help call another, they are a dime a dozen & not always correct. if it hurts or you just don't feel comfortable or ar worried, be seen at a physcian's office/ or Emergency.

    why take a chance

    good luck

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    Maybe you should get ANOTHER opinion!

    This is what a friend of a friend did..when she was pregnant...because her doctor told her one thing..and it wasn't the "Right thing" and it turned out..that there was danger to the baby and possibly to her(I told her to ask another doctor,and she did, thank GOD, she did!!!! )Please get another opinion...from another medical staff member who deals with babies..and such! This is your life..and your little one's!

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    You are definently getting ready.I hope you have your bag packed!:) Good Luck!

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