Questions about the Disney Dining Plan?

I've heard people talk about getting the DDP for free with their trip. How do I qualify for this? I've always had to pay for it. Also, is there a dollar limit to the meals. For instance could I pay out of pocket for say a $25 sit down table service meal and then use the DDP for a $100 buffet at the Grand Floridian? Any other suggestions will be appreicated as well. Thank You

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    Everything you want to know should be here:

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    For the last year or two, Disney has offered the Dining plan as a free perk for staying at one of their resorts. This has applied to vacations in August and September in the past. There are no guarantees that they will offer it again, but, if they do, it will be at the end of the busiest summer periods.

    The Dining plan applies as outlined at their official web site, or It's a good deal if you eat at the more expensive restaurants. I hope this was helpful.

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