I received a check from Express Financial Group.?

It actually gives you a phone number to call and a person to contact. The check looks very real, does explain in the letter what it is for..it is not to be spent, it is for clearance fees. Then I am to recieve my winning check of $114,000.00. The check is drawn out of an account from K&L Trailer Sales and Leasing Inc. in Knoxville, TN through the First Tennesse Bank. Is this for real or a hoax??? How do we know it isn't for real.. I did not deposit or cash the check yet. And don't plan on it till I get an answer of some sort, and do some more investigating..

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    1 decade ago
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    I also received a check today from Express Financial Group at 440 Spencer Avenue, Ste.404. Calgary, AB for $2998.50 with a company's name of Overland Computer Services in Culver City, California and it's drawn on a Union bank in Beverly Hills. I called the tel#403-383-3581 and was advised to speak to a Donna Taylor and she advised me to deposit the check asap and then when the check clears to sent them by Western Union a clearing fee of $2840 and that once they rec'd clearance from the wire that they would issue me my winnings of $114,000. They were to get a 5% sponsor's comission. I asked this woman just to feel her out, why they couldn't just take their fees out a send me a check for the balance and she answered that was the way they did things for proper verification. I'm going to contact the Attorney general tomorrow, don't cash the check, it's a scam for sure.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if they ask you for money back from the check, it's a scam

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