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thoughts on my fantasy baseball team?

here it is-



2b-freddy sanchez

3b-eric chavez

ss-jose reyes

of-andruw jones

of-barry bonds

of-jd drew

util-hanley ramirez

bn-prince fielder

bn-mark teahen

bn-dave roberts

pitchers:justin verlander,curt schilling.ervin santana,tom glavine,jon garland,adam wainwright,mariano rivera,joe nathan,chris ray.

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    I really like this team a lot, but I would make a few suggestion concerning about your roster:

    - I know this sounds crazy, but I trade Justin Morneau to open a spot for Prince Fielder. Fielder has all the tools to match Morneau's number and the reigning AL MVP batted .236 the season before. Some trade bait for Morneau includes Jason Bay and Matt Holliday.

    -Eric Chavez still has a lot of miles in him but the injury worries me a bit. With Teahan on your roster, I trade Chavez for some of the following: Rickie Weeks, Bill Hall, Hideki Matsui, Gary Sheffield, Chone Figgins, Raul Ibanez, Bronson Arroyo, Jose Valverde, and Bob Wickman.

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    That's a good team.

    C and 2B look like weak spots, depending on whether Varitek bounces back or Sanchez falls back a little. C and 2B are always weak, though, and your hitting for the most part looks really good. Could use some more speed, but Roberts off the bench helps that a little.

    The starting pitching's only ok, No real ace, and Schilling and Glavine are getting up there in years. Great closers, though.

    I like that team. I might try and move one of Bonds or Drew to upgrade the starters, and move Roberts into the starting lineup for SBs.

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    It is not bad for a middle of the pack team, not a headliner. Chavez has been bad the past wo years, Bonds and Drew can car pool to the DL at this point. Your pitching is solid with a lot of #2's and #3's...Nathan and Rivera are nice but Closers do not win a Fantasy Championship! A little tinkering and you could have a battle tested team for the playoffs...that is all that matters is getting the team right for the playoffs. Your Starting pitchers are innings eaters!

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    Your pitching seems sturdy except for ole' Randy Johnson huge question mark. Escobar is damage and could likely bypass over a pair weeks on the starting up of the season, and could no longer repeat very last years perfromance. i'd %. up Marcum for some SP help. Zumaya likely received't do you any sturdy this year, so is ineffective until eventually that's a keeper. carry on to Sherrill and note what occurs with him. Now your offense needs major help. outdoors of Crawford, Rios, Helton, and Hill you're searching exceedingly problematical. Rasmus and Hudson are respectable options, and Pujols may have a problematical year. GMJ replaced into not in any respect sturdy. Lowell and Posada are overdue. Hardy...basically isn't that sturdy. discover as a lot help as you may in a 12 team league your FA pool must have some help for you.

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    Pretty good team. The negatives for batting are Varitek, Chavez, & possibly Bonds. Your bench is good as well. Pitching is strong, one of the better ones I've seen recently. You have three nice closers in Rivera, Nathan, & Ray (& possibly Wainwright as well. I would rate this team an 8.5.

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    nice job drafting, 9 out of 10!

    get rid of barry bonds and it will be 12 out of 10

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