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Why should India be made a permanent member of SECURITY COUNCIL of UNITED NATIONS? Give Examples...?

Did India maintain international peace since her independence ??

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    I am sorry to disappoint you but II have to tell you that I don't believe the membership to a UN Security council should only be given to a few. In my opinion this is wrong. This can only work for a few elite countries to exert their wills on others. I think UN should eliminate the Security Council in its entirety. Its role the way it exists now is totally unjust and unfair to the world. The way it displays its powers is discriminatory. Just to give you an example:

    Membership of Israel to UN is no different to that of North Korea or Iran and yet it posseses weapons of mass destruction with the vito backing of US. Why? Because other members of the Council are powerless to execute a resolution against Israel because of US Vito. Is that fair to Iran and North Korea? As much as I hate to see any country possessing neuclear weapons, I think it would be unfair for North Korea and Iran and for that matter any other country to be treated this way. As long as there is a veto power excercised by any one nation in the council, I do not think a fair and just resolution can be reached.

    Adding another member to it will not make it more just or fairer. It will bolden and strengthen the power of the US Vito against any resolution it does not like.

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    How can a rustic with over one thousand million human beings no longer be secure between the united international locations protection council everlasting individuals? that's ridiculous to even think of of working the international without India!

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    Does it really matter what nation sits on that do nothing collection of nations that all pursue their own agendas

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