How do I block the entire mx.geocities domain from my Y! Mail box. Only offensive spam no unsubscribe line.?

Just started geting this stuff about a month ago. Adult sexual want ads type of crap. Definitely spam bacause a lot of it is ramdomly generated words. Goes straight to spam folder, but I don't want to get it at all. If I wanted that crap, I'd get on the internet and go look for it. I want to block the whole domain because the end changes, but it's always mx.geocities.

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    To STOP receiving unwanted (Spam/Bulk/Junk) email, do the following:

    Log into your Email, go to Options (upper right hand side). Go through all your settings and don't forget to save them too.

    Under Spam Protection, make sure your Spam Guard is turned ON. Option to immediately delete all Spam messages. This will force all new email to redirect to your Inbox. Option to Block messages that you mark as Spam. If you plan on keeping your

    Bulk folder, also option messages you mark as Not-Spam to be moved to your Inbox. Always Option to Block all Images until you can look them over first. This prevents spammers from knowing you opened their email. Save Changes.

    Under Blocked Addresses, type in, this will stop all Spam that has been reported to Yahoo from ever entering your email. I recommend you remove everything on your list first. This will give you a fresh start after you type in the "".

    Under General Preferences, Folders/Search Results, Special Folders, option to redirect incoming unsolicited email to the Bulk Folder. Save.

    If you get email from someone you don't know, NEVER open it (it may contain viruses) and report it as SPAM. This will automatically block it from your email account. When you do open an email that is Spam, you have alerted the sender that your account is Active.

    This will immediately stop all the Junk Mail considerably. I only get maybe one or two Spam emails a Month. Remember, anytime you give out your email address over the internet, you can expect to receive some kind of Spam, unless you have made sure that site is secured.

    Good Luck!

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    The reason you are getting so much is that you opened some of it. NEVER open spam mails.

    If you have determined that all the mails are coming from a particular domain, you can block it by going to Options > Block Addresses and enter the domain address in the block field, then click Add Block. If there are any variations of the domain name, the block won't catch them. The address or domain must remain static for the block to work.

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    'Suggestion box' General definition? A place in which one is able to give an idea on how to improve something and have it considered and implemented if it is a reasonable suggestion Y!A's definition? A facade upon which your suggestion either gets sent to an address that is not actually functional or to the Y!A 'team' so as to ponder their laziness as they delete your idea more promptly than they do anything else Still Brian, that is an awesome idea. I wonder how many times I would have been blocked if that was the case? Heck, I wonder how many times I've been blocked anyway! -rab =P

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