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Slash! The whip fell among the dogs savagely, especially upon the one which had fallen.

"Don’t, Mason, “entreated Malemute Kid; “the poor devil’s on its last legs. Wait and we’ll put my team on.”

Mason deliberately withheld the whip till the last word had fallen, then out flashed the long lash, completely curling about the offending creature’

s body. Carmen—for it was Carmen—cowered in the snow, cried

piteously, then rolled over on her side.

It was a tragic moment, a pitiful incident of the trail—a dying dog, two comrades in anger. Ruth glanced solicitously from man to man. But Malemute Kid restrained himself, though there was a world of reproach in his eyes, and bending over the dog, cut the traces. No word was spoken. The teams were double-spanned and the difficulty overcome; the sleds were under way again , the dying dog dragging herself along in the rear. As long as an animal can travel, it is not shot, and this last chance is accorded it—the crawling into camp, if it can, in the hope of a moose being killed.

Already penitent for his angry action, but too stubborn to make amends, Mason toiled on at the head of the cavalcade, little dreaming that danger hovered in the air. The timber clustered thick in the sheltered bottom, and through this they threaded their way. Fifty feet or more from the trail towered a lofty pine. For generations destiny had had this one end in view—perhaps the same had been decreed of Mason.

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    深砍! 鞭子野蠻落在狗之中, 特別是在那個下落了。

    "不, 泥工," 被懇求的Malemute 孩子; "可憐的惡魔的在它的最後一段賽程。等待和我們將投入我的隊。" 泥工故意地扣壓了鞭子最後詞下落了, 外面然後閃動了長的鞭子, 完全地捲曲關於觸犯的生物' s 身體。卡門為它卡門被蜷縮了在雪, piteously 哭泣, 那麼被滾動了在在她的邊。

    這是悲劇的片刻, 一次可憐的事件落後垂危的狗, 二個同志在憤怒。露絲solicitously 掃視了從人到人。但Malemute 孩子克制了自己, 雖然有責備世界在他的眼睛, 並且彎曲在狗, 削減蹤影。詞未講話。隊雙重被跨過了並且困難克服; 雪撬再實施中是, 垂危的狗扯拽在後方。只要動物能旅行, 它不被射擊, 並且最後次機會達成協議它這爬行入陣營, 如果它能, 希望麋被殺害。

    已經penitent 為他惱怒的行動, 但太倔強以至於不能做賠償, 泥工勞碌在列隊行進, 一點的頭作那危險盤旋了在空氣。木材濃厚成群了在被庇護的底部, 並且通過這他們穿線了他們的方式。五十英尺或更多從足跡聳立了一棵崇高杉木。為命運有這一個末端在看法或許同樣的世代下旨了泥工

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