I know that paying for sex is illegal, but...?

I, for one, am not a pervert who needs to buy a prostitute's time in order to have sex. I happen to have a wonderful lover who I am deeply in love with. But prostitution is something that troubles me deeply, especially in the case of children and teenagers.

It happens to be a hobby of one of my friends to pick up young hookers and, rather than sleeping with them, pay them for talking to him. He has helped many girls in this manner. However, I worry frequently about whether or not he can get in trouble for doing this, not with the girls' "pimps" but with the police.

I would like to join in with this practice and help the best that I can, but before I do and possibly risk jail time, I want to know- Is it illegal to pick up a hooker and pay her? Or is it only illegal to pick her up and pay for sexual activity?


Ok, let me make this much clearer. He does NOT engage in ANY type of sexual contact. When I say this I mean he doesn't touch them in any way, sexual or other wise.

Update 2:

We live in the US, but not in Nevada.

And he doesn't do it for the pleasure of talking. When he speaks with them, he is trying to learn more about them, why they are prostituting, and try to convince them to stop.

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    Only for sexual activity. Paying a person for talking to you is not illegal.

    However, in some jurisdictions it is illegal to pick up someone with the intention of sexual activity. And even if you were caught "in the act" of picking someone up, even if you did not intend to pay for sexual activity, it might be hard to persuade a police officer or a judge or a prosecutory or a jury that that was truly your intention.

    This may be an odd suggestion, but why not check with the police and see what they say?

    Also, there are certainly organizations out there that help prostitutes, and you should be able to find them and contact them by a Google search, and consult with them on this question. Here's one that I found: www.ashanet.org/focusgroups/sanctuary/partners/help-profile.doc. (I know nothing about the organization.) I'm sure there are others like it.

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    I tried to hire a hooker once. I asked her how much was an hour of her time worth. Then, since it was cheaper than a cleaning service, I asked her to clean my bathroom. She refused. I was taken aback. She would do those things to me for money, but not clean a bathroom?

    I am pretty sure it would be illegal to hire a hooker. No cop is going to believe you just want to "Talk to her". If you were in a sting, and everything was recorded...and you stated you did not want to have sex, only talk for 1 hour...I don't know...

  • Adam J
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    I doubt it's illegal to pay a prostitute for a service that isn't sex. That said if I were a cop and happened to catch you, I probably wouldn't believe your story. You might ask the local cops and tell them what your up to.

  • pepper
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    Prostitutes sell their time - the police don't care what the John does with the time. (I think you'd be surprised how many men "talk" to prostitutes.)

    It is a business transaction. He can get into as much trouble as any other fella.

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    Actually paying for sex isnt universally illegal.. its even legal in the USA in certain counties in Nevada.. and its certainly legal in many other countries.. so your info is a little off to say the least...

  • cantcu
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    I bet they love to see him coming!!

    I am sure he is going to tell a hooker something they don't already know, if in fact he does what you say!

    Paying one is still illegal in most states, and you can get arrested for oral intercourse, so to speak, as well!

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    it's illegal when the girl steps in the vehicle, they will take you straight to jail for it. i recommend he just not do it by driving down the road and picking up girls, if he wants to help girls out with money he should look online their are plenty of girls that will talk to him as long as he wants for some rent money or anything like that.

  • TedEx
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    The best way to stay out of trouble is stay away from trouble.

    "He has helped many girls in this manner." Oh, puuuleeezee! unless he can show police he is a licensed social worker, LOL!

    Stay away. Talk to him, but don't go with him. You're digging your own grave.

  • Anonymous
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    i'm not sure.. but i just wanted to say "good on you guys"! Why dont you just call the police, say that you were thinking of doing this.. i think the RCMP in canada would think thats a really good idea, (especially if you're a woman!?)

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    If ya pick one up and the man catches ya your going downtown.

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