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Anon28 asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

Rate my Fantasy baseball team?

12 team roto, standard 5x5 scoring

C- Kenji Jojima

1b- Ryan Howard

2b- Howie Kendrick (1b)

SS- Troy Glaus (3b)

3b- Hank Blaylock

OF- Andrew Jones

OF- Gary Sheffield (1b)

OF- Rocco Baldelli

Util- Mark Teixera

BN- Freddy Sanchez (2b/SS/3b)

BN- Mark Teahen (3b)

BN- Austin Kearns (OF)

BN- Chris Burke (2b/OF)

SP- Roy Halladay

SP- Felix Hernandez

RP- Chris Ray

RP- Bob Wickman

P- Joel Zumaya

P- Chris Capuano

P- Chein- Ming Wang

BN- Jeff Francis

Any comments are welcome, but I would also love people's opinions on whether to start Teahen or Blaylock everyday at 3b.


Just to clarify because I've gotten several comments on this. I won my league running away last year punting steals. (I finished in 11th in steals and in first by more than 15 points.)

I went with the same strategy this year. Not that I actually AVIOD steals, I just don't go looking for them like some players. If, say Reyes had fallen to me with the 6th spot, I would have taken him. But, I flatly refuse to reach for a one trick pony like Chone Figgins in the fifth round or so, just for one catagory.

The other major advantage to this strategy is that it is easy to make some quick points late in the season by aquiring a solid steals guy.

So, yes. I know I will be in the bottom of the pack in steals, and that is intentional.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your team is pretty good.. i would give it a 7.5 out of 10..

    I like the offense - except you definitely lack some steals... i dont really see anyone on your team getting a bunch of steals for you... since u have a surplus of power (howard, teixeira, jones, glaus) i would trade one of them for an elite SB guy like Carl Crawford or Reyes if possible... and for now i would stick with Blalock at 3rd until Teahen can prove he can put up good numbers (plus TEX is better that KC and Blalocks #'s will be better)

    for the pitching - starters are good... i would probably get rid of francis though because i hate COL pitchers... and your closers are decent, but i would think about adding another one just in case something happens with Wickman who doesn't have the best job security in the world...

    other than that... good luck this season!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly you have a lot of question marks with older guys and ones that are injury prone. Pitching staff looks pretty solid and have good power potential, but almost no one will pick up any SB. You will finish upper half in your league.

    I think Blalock is a guy that can rebound and have a very solid season, just watch them closely to see who is having the better year.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My suggestion would be to bench Howie Kendrick and put it Freddy Sanchez. He had one of the best batting averages last year, and no one knew it. Blaylock is your starter.

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  • dawe
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    3 years ago

    in case you prefer my easy opinion, im no longer gonna get maximum suitable answer. your going to grant maximum suitable answer to whoever says "wow ur group is a 10/10 so good omg i such as you". properly, I could be easy, your group is probable going to be combating to stay away from ultimate place on your league. prince fielder is truthfully super, yet ur following couple of possibilities have been questionable. crawford is physically powerful for popular and steals, yet no longer lots else. mags is truthfully good too, yet thats approximately it. polanco is a a million stat guy, johjima is a nil stat guy, lowell is becoming older, renteria has by no ability been that super plus he's becoming older. your pitching group has smoltz, hudson, then rubbish. rafael soriano is physically powerful, yet you have purely like 4 good gamers on your group. my group in a 12 guy league has a-rod, bj upton, garrett atkins, curtis granderson, bobby abreu, hideki matsui on offense, which might truthfully wreck yours. my pitching group contains john lackey, fracisco liriano, james shields, this is extra appropriate than yours too. im no longer purely attempting to gloat, yet i'm hoping your league is a sixteen guy league in any different case your no longer winning something except you sign this years ryan braun

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    tradw wang while you can. and same with halladay yes i said roy halladay. he is the single most overrated fantasy pitcher. why? 132ks in 220INN doesnt cut it. and hes injury prone. you should try to get like dan haren and eric bedard or chris young for him. trust me itll seem really weird but its great value for you. and bench blalock. this guy simply cannot live up to his potential. start teahen. hes actually pretty good.

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  • 1 decade ago

    maybe 7 out of 10

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  • 1 decade ago


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