What kind of food do they eat in Styria(not Syria)?

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    Styria is province in southeastern Austria so Styria has the same Austian cuisine in general:

    Austrian cuisine is drawn from the various cultures that once composed the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Specialties vary by region, but include traditional dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel (breaded veal cutlet), Knödel (moist potato dumplings), and goulash. Pastries and cakes, such as Sachertorte (a rich chocolate cake with apricot jam and chocolate icing), are also extremely popular. Beer and wine are both produced in Austria.

    A typical day begins with a light breakfast of coffee or hot chocolate, rolls, bread, and jam or marmalade. There are numerous sausage stands in cities, and shoppers may buy sausages to eat as a snack between meals, often in the late morning. Traditionally the main meal is in the middle of the day, but for families in which both parents work outside the home, the evening meal is often the main one. Families try to eat at least one meal together each day. Whether at midday or in the evening, the main meal may include soup, meat with potatoes or pasta, vegetables, a salad, and often dessert (such as a homemade pastry). Austrians eat a wide variety of meat, including Rindfleisch (beef), Schweinefleisch (pork), Huhn (chicken), Wurst (sausage), Kalbfleisch (veal), and Wild (venison).

    Jause (afternoon tea), which is less common today, might include sandwiches, pastries, and coffee. If the main meal is eaten at midday, families have Nachtmahl (supper) in the evening. This generally includes cold cuts of meat, eggs, cheese, rye or another type of bread, and a salad. Goulash or hot sausages may be eaten at the midday or evening meal.

    Austrians, like other Europeans, eat with the fork in their left hand and knife in their right, both when cutting food and eating. Guests will almost always be offered second helpings, but no offense will be caused by declining with a polite Danke, nein (“Thank you, no”).

    If you want infos about Syria, I can help too :D

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    I would imagaine they eat a lot of Austrian food - lots of cabbage and sausages!

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