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Soften Beard?

I have a rapid beard growth. But the problem is my beard hairs are not soft. They grow very ruf and straight like the bristles of paint brush.If I grow my beard long it looks like porcupine's hair. I wanna have soft beard which looks gud than the one I have.So is there anyway to soften my beard?

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    Hey Hitman25,

    Any moisturizing conditioner should work. A few of my guy friends have said that coconut oil is a great moisturizer for beard hair. You only need a LITTLE each day. The only problem is that you should avoid being in direct sunlight so that you don't get a bad burn or anything (like wearing baby oil instead of tanning lotion)---ouch! I say use it at night only.

    Another thing, it is facial hair so each time you bathe you have to wash your face and that might make it hard to keep your beard moisturized.

    If the oil isn't your thing, perhaps you could try Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Light Creme Moisturizer. It comes in a 6oz tube and costs about $3.00 but lasts a long time. I've seen it work on the most coarse hair. Remember to comb your beard often too. Give it a try if you wish.

    Hope this helps.

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    Baby Oil For Beard

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    Hair conditioner...

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