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in walking what is better?

1: do a slightly shorter walk but a lot faster

2: do a longer walk but a little slower

to get fit and lose weight: I am 45 year old and due to bad health in the past have not exercise much for many years. I have lost 8 kgs but seem to be on a plato at the moment also as I am on a plato should I stop and try and shook my body out of the plato so I will be able to lose weight when I start up again. If so how long would be long enough or should I keep going for my walk just the same and hope I get off the plato

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    I would alternate, because both have benefits. Walking quicker, but shorter, is good because it gets your heart rate higher, but walking a little slower and longer keeps your heart rate elevated for a longer amount of time. If you can elevate your heart rate for at least 15-20 minutes per day you're doing well.

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    I applaud you on wanting to become leaner and healthier. But, try this for when the weather is in the teens. Exercise is a natural process that our bodies use to eliminate excess fat. People gain excess weight by either overeating or lack of sufficient exercise. So, on those days, stop and grab your coat and your keys and leave the house. Hurry to do this, but once outside take a leisurely stroll around your block. Then go back home and DON'T SIT DOWN, but do some house cleaning. Continue doing this 1 block jaunt for 1 week. Next week walk 2 blocks at the same leisure pace and go back home and clean some more. By now you should be more intuned to yourself and feeling like you can take on the world. Well, don't. We don't want you to get discouraged and stop walking. Your body will be fine tuning itself as you walk so you may not see immediate results. For your third week take in a block further and go home and do some more cleaning. Do the same for the fourth week as well. Now, here you are at the second month. You should be feeling more energetic. Are you? OK, then let's begin. This time when you go for your walk you will increase it by 2 blocks each week. If you feel pain or are short-winded then stop and go back to your last comfort zone of walking. This is only your body's way of saying that it is not ready for that step so fast. It is not telling you that you can't or never will do it, but just not then. Now go out and buy yourself some good raingear for the days when it is raining cats and dogs. Boots included and cover your nose and mouth as well. Don't let the inclement in the weather get in the way of you having good health. Now that you are walking further you need to go home and start organizing the cabinets and drawers. You are probably one of those people who still watch too much television. If you can't get up the nerve to throw it (idiot box) out, then watch it standing up as you go around and clean house. Oh, and another thing, while you are losing weight your clothes will start to bag and sag. Get rid of them! After all of your hard work you want to flaunt your success. Go out and buy new underwear and outerwear clothing. Don't forget that your feet will have lost weight too, so buy new shoes. Don't overwhelm yourself, though. Buy a piece at a time as you loose weight and get rid of your fat clothes. DO NOT STOP once you are at your ideal weight. Now you have to maintain it, for a lifetime. And always be aware of your surroundings. I can see you now. YOU'RE LOOKING GOOD!

  • the best way to get off your plateau is to mix it up a little. do both the faster, shorter walk, and on another day, do the longer slower walk. Also try walking up hills, or if on a treadmill, walk on an incline. you can burn a ton of calories walking 3 mph on an incline compared to walking 3 mph on a flat surface. also, try walking backwards for a little while (safely of course) It works different muscles.

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    Start off slow and then work your way into a moderate pace.

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