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tips for fish tycoon online game?

i always end up without money. I can't even afford to buy the second tank for breeding. I always end up selling the fish i have then have to buy other eggs. pls help, any tips on how to make money?


and how do you set the price for the fish?

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    For the free online game, there's an easy way to make a lot of money. When you're selling a rare fish, set the price unreasonably high, something like a few hundred thousands. You can do it for common fish, but you have a better chance of someone buying a rare fish faster than someone buying a common fish. Set all your fish at a high price, so whenever you're low on money, just sell a fish. Use that money to buy the vitality vial, then whenever a fish gets low on life, add some vitality drops to bring their health up. This is a great way to breed rare fish without them dying.

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