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Confederate Flag......?

why are so many people having a cow about the confederate flag??


They want to act like the civil war never existed? That the USA was one happy bunch??

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    Most people who complain doesn't take the time to research The Confederate Flag, Its a flag that the Southern troops fought under during The Civil War, there were black men that fought in The Civil War also for the southern side, the flag does not represent hatred, it represents heritage, and that is part of History, so before people start to complain about that flag from what they have heard, they need to do some research

    Source(s): A Southern girl..
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    As a descendant of a slave-owner and a Civil War re-enactor and amateur historian, I recognize the difficulty some folks have with public display of the Confederate battle flag. I accept that it makes them a touch uncomfortable - it makes ME a touch uncomfortable. But I agree with what I think you're trying to say: that sweeping the unpleasant aspects of our national past under the rug is wrong.

    Santayana said (among others) that those who ignore or forget history are doomed to repeat it. Given that few of us would like to repeat most of history - the wars, the plagues, the pointless violence - it would seem to be a good idea to learn how people in the past f*cked things up so we don't make the same mistakes and suffer the same consequences. By the way - that battle flag - the one that features the Cross of St. Andrew with the stars on the arms of the cross - though that is most commonly called "the Confederate flag", it was not. It was, at first, a naval ensign, then later became the Confederate battle flag. There were at least four NATIONAL flags during the existance of the Confederate States of America: The Bonnie Blue Flag and the First, Second and Third National flags - none of which featured the Cross of St. Andrew. I do go once a year to a nearby cemetery here in Upstate New York where there's a Confederate soldier buried and I do place a Confederate flag on his grave - but I always use the Third National or the Bonnie Blue. Hey, he was a rebel - but he also served honorably in a cause he honestly believed in - and he took the Oath of Allegiance and became a model citizen at the end of the Civil War. Though I think his attitude at the beginning of the war was wrong, I think he deserves respect for his honorable service.

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    Because our friends in mainstream media, as well as our politicians are using the Confederate flag to stir up hatred.

    The Confederate flag is an American flag. The Civil war was between two groups of Americans. It is not a racist symbol, something that trouble makers are telling you. There were blacks who fought on both sides, during the Civil war. Do you think that Americans whose ancestors fought for the Confederacy should be ashamed?

    I am ashamed of most of our current politicians. They are making us the most hated nation in the world. And, the media are doing their part, too.

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    It is the assumption that wavers of the "Stars and Bars" want to reinstate slavery and lynch black folks for giggles. Not so. It is a historic fact that the War of Northern Agression happened, and hiding the southern flag will not change that. Many claim it to be only a rminder of what had happened, but forget that it also shows how far things have come in the last 140+ years.

    No one raises a stink about 3rd to 50th generation Mexican decendents plastering Mexican flags on their cars, clothes, hats, businesses, homes, sales advertisements, or in the literature of political seperation groups in the US southwest. The blanketing of Florida with Cuban colors hasn't been squeeled about, despite the fact that the nation is evil and would love to sink the US to the bottom of the sea. Everyone is afriad to say doodely-poo about black power groups or the display of gang signs and the like. But raise one Confederate flag or a bumper sticker and the world would end. Its not like southerners are running around forming their own chambrs of commerce or calling them selves "Confederate-Americans".

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    Because the Confederate flag is said to symbolize racism and slavery. Some people feel it is to honor their ancestors. There are different views on the flag.

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    It is probably because the KKK use it as their flag. The KKK did start as a Confederate veterans organization and quickly became active in suppressing the rights of Black people. I agree with the person who said it is a symbol of a defeated foolish lost cause. At one time it was a symbol of a treasonous attempt to break apart the United States of America. Thank God the CSA lost. That flag really is a loser symbol.

  • The Confede"RAT"e Flag or Rebel Flag is a symbol of Southern Cecessionists who were TRAITORS to the American UNION.

    They were trying to leave the USA. They wanted to preserve their way of Slavery.

    That flag is a symbol of Treason, Anti-Americanism, Gutlessness, Bigotry/Racism, and Southern Ignorance.

    That flag is an insult to my ancesotrs who died in the Civil War trying to preserve the Union of the US

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    Because some narrow minded people see the Cond\federate Flag only as a symbol of slavery.

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    so there going to let a punk kid bring down a symbol from a civil war, fought by blacks on both sides, that was the flag of the times, just like my ancestors , they fought with other clans and we can order our shields and arms ,same thing, its just a memory of the times ,there being stupid are they going to ban the coat of arms next, this is so rediculace,

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    i'm a Northerner. The accomplice flag is portion of the historic previous of the South. and that i believe them, that in case you don't like it, get out. that's been became right into a emblem of racism by ability of those who do no longer like it. in case you don't like it, then have Congress bypass a regulation, like Germany did after WWII, that bans the exhibit of the flag (in Germany's case, the Nazi flag) in case you've faith it will be banned, i visit't quit you. it truly is your correct as an American Citizen.

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