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what were the causes of the civil war? what are the first shots? What were the uniforms & what new inventions?

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    the basic cause of the war was slavery. it was abolished and the south (plantation) states didnt want to give up their slaves because they were needed to work those large plantations so they decided to seceed from the union and form their own country the us would not allow this so they went to war first shots were at fort sumter the north wore blue the south grey but as the south ran out of money fewer and fewer of them had any kind of uniform inventions: submarine, landmines, flamethrower, riflescopes, steel ships, repeating rifles, hand grenades, anesthesia, hand grenades, the draft, secret service, camouflage, snorkel, and the aircraft carrier

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    1. The expansion of the United States westward created a problem for the Southern States , who then wanted to break away and forn their own government. The North aslo placed heavy tariffs on the South. But slavery was the biggest reason

    .2. The first shot was fired on January 10, 1861. It was fired by the South Carolinians on Morris Island. They fired on the Union Ship "Star of the West" as it attempted to reinforce Major Anderson at Fort Sumter.

    3. The basic uniforms wer BLUE, worn by the North, and GREY, worn by the south, although different regiments of each army have variations made to their suits.

    4. Some inventions included THE GATLING GUN, and the first submarine-type ships, The Monitor (north) and The Merrimack (south)

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    Slavery yes and no

    The larger overlaying principle was the concept of popular sovereignty (the idea that those effected by the law should make them) So when the North suggests that slavery should be ended ( electing Lincoln) then the South (whose entire economy revolves are slavery) decides it should be its own country. Just like the founding father of our country if you don't like the laws somewhere move and start a new one!

    1st shot April 12, 1861 at For Sumter, South Carolina a naval base controlled by the North but deep in the Southern territory!

    Major new invention! Rifle (means the bullet would spin as it was fired!) The resulting spin on the bullet would make it fly much straighter and much more accurate! Military tactics were slow to change and therefore many people died because of the new technology!

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    The Civil War began because the North and the South were fighting over slavery, and because the union states wanted to be their own nation. The first shots were fired at Ft. Sumter. The Loyalists (the North) wore blue uniforms. The Patriots (the South) wore red uniforms. This was the first war where guns were really used. They also didn't use guerilla warfare, instead they used tactics and strategy.

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    Slavery was the cause of the war, and the first shot was fired at Fort Sumter.

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    Ignorance, arrogance and stupidity. You can type well so I hope you can also read. All the answers are in your text book or the library.

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