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Computer experts only...........Please read on?

When a graphics card says PCI does it mean it can go in any PCI slot even the ones that can be used for other things like PCI modems?

Thank you very much for answering!!!!!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago does..and it's best to put the PCI Graphics Card in your first PCI slot as well...even better, instead of a PCI graphics card buy a AGP card..they are better and faster and more performance as well..but's a PCI card and should go into a PCI slot!

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    Hi Richard,

    Yes you can use any open PCI slot. All PCI devices are compatible with those slots. You shouldn't have any trouble. The main thing it to firmly seat the card and I always leave the side of the case off and boot up to be sure its working before I button up the case.


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    Sure: you have two types of slot - AGP and PCI. Usually a graphics card goes in the AGP. But if it says PCI, that's fine.

    Nowadays they're phasing out PCIs. But that's the great thing about easy motherboards - just stick it in, install the drivers and you're away.

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    Except PCI-Express slots.

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    If its one of those very old cards, it will be PCI.

    But the latest PCI Express (PCI-E) cards will NOT fit in PCI slots

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    Yep, any slot will do, but rule of thumb is to pop the card in the first slot at the top, as this is the closest to the CPU and memory banks, as the info generated to and from CPU/graphics/memory gets round that little bit quicker

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    Yeah you can, PCI means 'peripheral component interconnect'. So you can connect most things to it like SCSI cards, video cards, sound cards, modems, video capture cards etc

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    yes. check your other question.

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