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    如果你用的是英文Windows 2000 或 XP, 你不需要安裝任何software, 你按以下步驟就可以了:

    Following instructions are intended as a guide to enable Chinese character input/output under Microsoft Windows XP environment. Both traditional and simplified Chinese are supported, among most other Asian languages.

    Step I - Enable East Asian language support. This step will allow you to view Asian language in English Windows.

    Depending on the selections you choose when installing Windows XP, you may or may not have East Asian Languages installed. Follow these steps to check whether or not your computer supports East Asian languages.

    From Start -> Settings -> Control Panel

    Double-click Regional and Language Options

    Click on the Languages tab

    If "Install files for East Asian languages" under "Supplemental language support" section is checked, then you can skip to the step II.

    If the box is NOT checked, you need check on the box of "Install files for East Asian Languages", then click Apply button to do the install. You may need your Windows XP CD. Installing these files will allow you to use Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in your computer

    Step II - Add Services for Typing Chinese. This will allow you to enter Chinese characters.

    After East Asian Languages pack is installed, click "Details" button under the Languages tab of Regional and Language Options.

    On the Settings tab of the new window, Click Add.

    In the "Input language" list, select Chinese (Taiwan) for traditional Chinese characters or Chinese (PRC) for simplified characters. You can add other input languages as well

    In the same window, from the "Keyboard Layout/IME" list, select:

    Chinese (Taiwan)-chinese (Traditional)- Phonetic for Traditional Chinese input.

    Chinese (PRC)- Chinese (Simplified) - Microsoft Pinyin IME 3.0 for Simplified Chinese input.

    These are the basic phoenic input methods where you enter pronunciations to obtain characters.

    Click Apply

    Step III - Use Your Keyboard to Type Chinese Characters

    On your Toolbar at the right hand side, you should see a language bar, letters "EN" for English, "CH" for Chinese

    Click this button to change languages or use ALT+SHIFT key combination to switch between languages.

    By switching to the Chinese setting, you can now type Chinese characters in most software applications and browses using phonetic and accent numbers(1-4).

    Use the ARROW KEYS to toggle between characters until you find the character you need.

    To temporarily switch between typing Chinese and English, you can simply press the SHIFT key on your keyboard.

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    在英文版 Windows XP 顯示中文及安裝輸入法


    在〔Control Panel〕→〔Regional And Language Options〕→

    〔Language〕選〔Install files for East Asian Languages〕 進行安裝


    在〔Control Panel〕→〔Regional And Language Options〕→

    〔Language〕→ 〔Detail〕→〔Install Service〕→〔Add〕→

    在〔Input Languange〕選〔Chinese (Taiwan)〕

    在〔Keyboard Layout/IME〕選擇速成輸入法(Quick)


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    是那個版本的windows? XP 不用安裝任何外掛程式, ME, 98 要裝IME.

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