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有關"穿著prada的惡魔"的問題 (請用英文回答)

1.In this movie,Andrea's job is a ???

2.What kind of company does Andrea work at and what is the name of the company?

3.When Andrea fist started working,what did she wear?

4.Who and how helped Andrea to dress more fashionable?

5.What are 2 unreasonable things Miranda asked Andrea to do?

6.What are 2 things Andrea learned at this job?

7.After watching the movie,what do you think about Andrea's final decision with her job ? Would you do the same or different ? Why?

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    I'm answering these from memory -- just watched the movie two weeks ago.

    1. Andrea was the assistant to the editor in chief, Miranda.

    2. She works at "Runway," which is a fashion magazine.

    3. She wore non-brand-named clothes which were plain and simple.

    4. Nigel, the magazine's art director, gave her a hand by giving her clothes and shoes from photo shoots.

    5. Miranda asked Andrea to locate unpublished Harry Potter manuscripts for her two daughters and then later asked Andrea to accompany her to Paris.

    6. Clothes can't change who you are and be true to yourself.

    7. I would've done the same since the job (and Miranda) is just too much and handle.

    2007-03-19 03:03:23 補充:


    但最後一句 (#7) 應該為

    I would've done the same since the job (and Miranda) is just too much "to" handle.


    ... too much "and" handle.

    在此更正... 抱歉!

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