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請問 put stress on 的問題




put / lay + emphasis + on = 強調 = 請幫我造一例子


put / lay + stress + on = 強調 / 施壓 = 請幫我各造一例子


請問 http://tw.knowledge.yahoo.com/question/question?qi...

這裡的Mr Lee is putting a lot of stress on his son

為何 stress 不用複數呢


請問 我不該對人生太過認真

we should not _______ lift too seriously.

請問___ 是什模呢 為什麼是它呢 請交我好嗎 謝謝

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    1. Mr. Johnson puts/lays stress on how important grammar is for people who are trying to learn English properly.

    2. Teachers in here Taiwan often put/lay lots of stress on students regarding their grades.

    3. 因為stress是不可數名詞,所以沒有複數型。

    4. We should not [take] life too seriously.

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    不好意思,2. 應該是 Teachers here in Taiwan.

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