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I want a Breakfast at Tiffany's body....?

Has anyone ever seen Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's? I always thought she had such a nice looking body in that movie; nice and thin and smooth tone. What do you think? Some people think she is too thin in that movie...I think I wouldn't mind looking like that!

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    It's curious that it has been found that in a society that has 'abundance' thin is considered enviable. And in a society that has nutritional difficulties, a more heavy body size is found to be desirable; notice the models for painters from ancient times right through to the 1920s. Mae West (an American stage and movie provocateur of the 20's and 30's) was well filled and curvaceous.

    I say all of this to make the point that different body types will never be some things. It is dangerous to attempt to sacrifice nutrition for perceived beauty. I happen to be a fan of beauty as well. And healthy always looks better than artificial starvation. (bulimia, anorexia, etc.)

    It is important for you to be happy with who you are and what you can accomplish in a healthy and productive way. That's beauty. The freedom from idols of beauty.

    I too found A/H most attractive in this work. But one of the qualities I admired most in her character was that quirky spontaneity. And thinking that she was somehow, a princess, misplaced by a carless nanny. Only later do we discover that she's from the most humble of circumstances. Her weight could have been used as a point-up relating to her sparse background.

    [I know this is off the subject but I need to write] "Breadkfast at Tiffiny's" started a trend in film-making that continues to this day. It is known as the Original Movie Sound Score. Of course Breakfast atTiffiney's wasn't the first film to have a sound score but when Henry Macinini crafted "Moon River" (and Andy Williams made it a hit) well, the romantic movie would never again be complete without a "The Way We Were" moment.

    When I hear 'Moon River" even today, I get goose bumps. It's popularity was boosted by the changing morals of the time and the new technologies of the early 50's & 60's. Hi-Fidelity sound reproduction (better known as stereo) was a new audio concept and when we heard Mancini's compositions on those cheesy little separate speakers, it was the geneisis moment for an entire generation and of a new method of musical expression. Both in recording and film making.

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    Audrey Hepburn was unusually skinny. It helps if you are a Jew that survives the Holocaust and come from an era of poverty - and most importantly intense and cultural moderation.

    AH is probably not the type of body someone from this era can achieve or get. It's not just weight and dimension, but it is basically impossible for anyone to get her sensibility anymore - in the USA, 2007.

    If you want to be very compact, and rail thin...try Bikram Yoga, Pilates, Reformer Pilates. Never run. Never let your HR go above 150. No impact exercises.

    And eat modest amounts of veggies, and low levels of meats and dairy. That will help you get tight.

  • Audrey Hepburn had such a perfect body, and I think you can rightfully envy her body, because she was unbeliveably perfect. She was just the right weight for her body, which also gave her a normal sense about her as well. She was such a kind person as well. I think everyone kind of wishes they were like her. She wasn't anorexic or anything, she just had the perfect body that everyone envies. So yes, I too would want to look like that.

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