Pro immigration - All forms?

I am a Native woman. I support my brothers and sisters on both sides of the border. I know that immigration, even illegal immigration is not hurting the United States. I was part of a campaign to end this immigration scandal. At the time I had a facts sheet that told the REAL and EDUCATED facts about immigration. Unfortunately I no longer have this information. Can you please post information that supports immigration and talks about how it is not damaging the U.S. Thank You!


When I say end immigration scandal I mean the one perpetrated by the U.S. government that is trying to make access to the U.S. more difficult.

Update 2:

And the reason I want the information is because of the UNEDUCATED like you!

Update 3:

o Immigrants do not cause native unemployment, even among

low-paid or minority groups. A spate of respected recent studies,

using a variety of methods, agrees that "there is no empirical

evidence documenting that the displacement effect [of natives

from jobs] is numerically important" (Borjas 1990, 92). The

explanation is that new entrants not only take jobs, they make

jobs. The jobs they create with their purchasing power, and with

the new businesses which they start, are at least as numerous as

the jobs which immigrants fill.

o Re wage effects, one recent summary concludes,

"Immigration has no discernible effect on wages overall...

Wage growth and decline appear to be unrelated to immigration--a

finding that holds for both unskilled and skilled workers" (Fix

and Passel 1994, 48).

Update 4:

o Immigrants who enter legally through regular quotas are

not permitted to receive public assistance for three years, and

they may be deported if they obtain such assistance (though few

are). Refugees, however, are entitled to such assistance

immediately upon entry, which (together with their needy

circumstances) accounts for their high rate of welfare use soon

after arrival.

o If refugees are excluded from the assessment, and only

nonrefugees are considered, the rate of welfare use for new

immigrants who entered between 1980 and 1990 is considerably

below the rate for natives ages 15 and above.

Social Security and Medicare are by far the most expensive

transfer payments by the government. The cost of supporting

elderly natives is vastly greater than for immigrants. This is

because immigrants typically arrive when they are young and

healthy, and the appropriate lifetime analysis shows that this

provides a large windfall to the national treasury.

Update 5:

(Current data

alone also show a similar effect because of the contemporary age

distribution of the immigrant population.) Also, older recent

immigrants do not qualify for Social Security for many years

after arrival.

o As of the 1970s, immigrants contributed more to the

public coffers in taxes than they drew out in welfare services.

The most recent available data (for 1975) show that each year, an

average immigrant family put about $2,500 (1995 dollars) into the

pockets of natives from this excess of taxes over public costs.

o Illegal aliens contribute about as much to the public

coffers in taxes as they receive in benefits. New data suggest

that the undocumented pay about 46 percent as much in taxes as do

natives, but use about 45 percent as much in services.

o Natural resources and the environment are not at risk

from immigration; rather, in the long run, resources increase and

the environment improves due to immigration.

Update 6:

The long-term trends

show that U.S. air and water are getting cleaner rather than

dirtier, and world supplies of natural resources are becoming

more available rather than exhausted. Immigration increases the

technical knowledge that speeds these benign trends.

o The rate of immigration relative to population size now

is low rather than high. Immigration as a proportion of

population is about a third of what it was in the peak years.

(Cato Institute and the National Immigration Forum)

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    well yes i can :P

    here is an study which u may find interesting from the university of illinois which indicates that not only they do contribute to the economy but that many of them are very likely to work in dangerous conditions . the study also indicates than legalizing them would improve their wages making more likely to Americans which would not work for the wages the undocumented are paid to work in the same conditions ....

    same study :

    here an article with some interesting historical facts ( i will post a part of it ) :

    To what extent did the influx of immigrants entering Southern

    California in the 1970s reduce the jobs available to nonimmigrant

    workers? The answer for the 1970s is little if at all. Although

    Hispanic workers filled a large proportion of the jobs added

    during the decade, particularly in manufacturing, there is no

    indication that work opportunities for nonimmigrants lessened.

    Despite mass immigration to Southern California, unemployment

    rates rose less rapidly there than in the remainder of the

    nation. Furthermore, the labor force participation rate (the

    proportion of the population in the labor force) did not seem to

    be affected. In fact the participation rate for both blacks and

    whites was higher in Southern California than elsewhere in the

    state and nation. Moreover, the difference in the participation

    rate between Southern California and the rest of the country

    remains essentially unchanged since 1970, indicating that the

    influx of immigrants did not discourage people from seeking

    employment (p. 13).

    here u can find something interesting ( comparing California and Ohio which is free of undocumented ) :

    But before concluding that immigrants are undercutting the wages of the least fortunate Americans, perhaps one should consider Ohio. Unlike California, Ohio remains mostly free of illegal immigrants. And what happened to the wages of Ohio's high school dropouts from 1980 to 2004? They fell 31 percent.

    here is their impact in the education in California :

    in what appears to be the first evidence of a significant narrowing of the achievement gap between whites and nonwhites, black and Latino students in each age group were reading and calculating better in 2004 than when first tested in the early 1970s.

    here is an important fact :

    Immigrants Are Critical to the Current and Future Growth of the U.S. Economy

    • The number of native-born workers age 35-44 will be smaller in the next 30 years than it is today. More than 60 million current employees will likely retire during this period.(7)

    • The National Academy of Sciences and National Research Council concluded that, in 1997, the U.S. reaped a $50 billion surplus from taxes paid by immigrants to all levels of government.(8)

    • Without the contribution of immigrant labor, the output of goods and services in the U.S. would be at least $1 trillion smaller than it is today(9) and the civilian labor force would have only grown 5 percent (versus 11.5 percent) between 1990 to 2001.(10)

    • The total net benefit to the Social Security system if immigration levels remain constant will be nearly $500 billion for the 1998-2022 period and nearly $2 trillion through 2072.(11)

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    1 decade ago

    There are millions of people who immigrate LEGALLY. Most of use come from immigrant ancestry, but my grandparents didn't sneak across the boarder or on a visitors visa and never leave. Our boarders need some control for many reasons, public health being a big one. Almost ALL other countries have better control of their boarders than the US, right now it is a free for all.

    Sneak across the boarder and have you baby in the US now you child is a US citizen, NO other country has such a law. It had a purpose at one time, but that time is long gone and now it is an abused loophole.

    I find is absolutely ridiculous it can take years to deport someone who is here illegally.

    Sorry, but there is something terribly wrong with the current system.

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    1 decade ago

    immigrants are doing the jobs no american will do.. the problem is that american's wont do it for 7 dollars when the job should be paying 15. america does not need illegal immigrants.. only 2% of the workforce is composed of illegals.. but they draw 29% of the welfare in this country. They are taking american jobs, that's logic because if two people are competeing for a job and one gets it,, then the other lost.. so if the one who got the job is illegal.. that means an american lost. Thank you for all the legal immigrants and what they have contriubuted to the country, but illegals.. get out. Ask anyone on the border who lives there.. the majority is fed up! we see the problems that uncontrolled immigration brings to the US everyday, open your eyes. You miss, are uneducated. I love people, all people, no matter what the color.. but i love the country and what it stands for as well. I work a minimum wage job and have no problem doing it, so dont tell me that you're doing a job i wont do. cause whatever it is, cleaning toilets, picking up garbage, construction, whatever, i am PERFECTLY capable of doing it. Love the sinner, hate the sin..that's what i'm doing. Welcome to America.. but do it the right way..that's all i ask

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  • 1 decade ago

    Here are some interesting facts about illegal immigrants for you.

    Fact 1: Illegal aliens have taken part in almost every major attack on US Soil perpetrated by islamic terrorists, including the WTC attack in 1993, the millennium plot, the plot to bomb an NYC subway, and the attacks of 9/11/01.

    Fact 2: A group of al-queada terrorists are trying to infiltrate into the US from Mexico. their plan is to conduct attacks. The Al-queda memebers are working with mexican organized crime to snnek into the us covertly.

    Fact 3: According to US Congressman P. Ortiz, people from the middle east, with possible terrorist ties, have been detained after entering the US from Mexico. They were set free for lack of jail space.

    Fact 4: It is estimated that there are between 11-20 million illegal immigrants in the US.

    Fact 5: An estimated 8,000 Illegal immigrants enter teh US Every day.

    Fact 6: Illegal immigration depresses wages and the most significantly affected are minorities and those with out a high school education.

    Fact 7:Illegal immigrants have access to free health care while hospitals face bankruptcy.

    Fact 8: Visa overstays and unsecured borders are one of the largest threats to our national security.

    Fact 9: Illegal Immigration cost our state education systems nearly 12 billion dollars each year.

    Source(s): Sources: Fact 1: Steven A Camarota, Director of research, center for immigration studies. Fact2: "terrorist said to seek entry into U.S. via Mexico" Washington Times, April 7, 2003. Fact 3: Brownsville Herald, July 23, 2004 Fact 4: Bear Sterns Asset Managment, PEW Hispanic Center Fact 5: Bear Sterns Asset Managment Fact 6: Center for immigration studies, Dr. George Borjas (Harvard Univ.) Fact 7: Center for Immigration Studies Fact 8: Center for Immigration Studies Fact 9: Federation for American Immigration reform.
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    1 decade ago

    Illegal aliens are "not hurting the United States?" I can't give you information about how they are NOT hurting America because that is a lie. Sorry but what planet are you from? Are you totally nuts?!

    Illegal alien CRIMINALS are DESTROYING our country. They are destroying our schools because teachers can't teach properly. They are destroying our health care system because ERs have to close when they can't afford to stay open. The illegals are bring diseases that had become rare due to immunizations. They steal identities (that's a felony). They take jobs American want.

    On top of all this, they are hurting our economy because THEY DON'T PAY TAXES and anyone that says they do are a big fat liar!

    Not only are they destroying America, but WE DON'T NEED THEM! Proof: May 1, 2006 - "a day without an immigrant" protest was suppose to cripple our country. It didn't cripple anything. Schools were much better because teachers could teach. Business functioned perfectly. We even had clear freeways because the illegals weren't on the roads. Here they were trying to prove how important they are and they ended up proving how useless they are.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Any time people are consistently breaking laws by such acts as illegally crossing another country's borders, they are causing harm in that country.

    Why do you think illegal immigration into countries like Mexico is punished so severely? Unfortunately, illegal immigration into the US has become so politicized that some actually believe it helps the country.

    I know the immigration system is full of bureaucratic garbage, but a bad system doesn't make it ok to break our laws.

    I don't know where you will find any factual information that supports the idea that illegal immigration is not damaging. Think about it logically and you'll understand why.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Just exactly where did you put your brain when you decided to ask this question?

    Illegal immigration is degrading our society and social structures throughout the United States. They cost us Billions in tax dollars to keep incarcerated, medical treatment, schooling, patrolling borders, and on and on. Our Government--at the bequest of Big Business--has been lax at enforcing existing laws to maintain a labor pool which is exploited and paid sub-par wages.

    Aren't you keeping up with the times? They just busted a nationwide Cleaning service where the owners exploited just about every worker and failed to pay Income Taxes--they became millionaires!!

    McCain and Kennedy have a new immigration bill--it was written with input from the White House and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Proposals to give instant amnesty to illegals by means of a payoff laughed it right out of consideration.

    Bush and the elite want us to become a third world nation of haves and have nots. They want a global economy. Every single law that the Republican have passed concerning our econonmy have done nothing towards the need for our people to make strides in upward social mobility. Poverty went from a 26 year low from when Bush took office to a 32 year high. So don't even think about supporting one of the driving forces behind the demise of the Middle-Class!!

    Here in Michigan we are sitting at about 8% unemployment. That's the figure they give us---but I know damn well it's way higher than that. For Sale signs are going up in every neighborhood, the foreclosure listings went from a small part of a page to an entire section of the paper. If you are no longer seeking work--your not part of that percentage, the same goes for those that are working jobs that are underpaying them just to survive.

    There was a glimmer of hope just after Katrina. I'm an electrician that works out of the hiring hall. A couple of our contractors were mobilizing to go down there, 250 jobs were under consideration. Then, GWB repeals the Davis Bacon Act and gives a no-bid contract to Halliburton, who in turn, subbed out the work to contractors that hire illegals. So there's money out of my pocket, into an illegals, via our Gov't. What part of that being just plain wrong don't you get?

    And here's the kicker:

    Immigration and Companies that hire them are the problem. You wanna come to this country? There are guidelines to follow. If you don't wanna follow the law, then accept the consequences.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm all for immigration if it is done legally. This is the basis on what this country is founded on. But the big problem i have is with illegal immigration. We are a country with laws and should enforce them regardless on the issue. But all you have to do is contact the government and talk to them about the legal way to do things..

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well you have received 24 answers so far and not one of them were able to back the statement you are trying to get across. And those Fact sheets you are referring to are one sided views. Furthermore you CAN NOT lump all forms of immigration under one category , that is simply just an asinine attempt to prove your pro-illegal views.

    I must comment regarding May 1 , 2006, when the "illegals" took the day off to protest. The illegals claim over 1 million of them walked off their jobs for the day to prove they are economically needed in the U.S., when in fact all they did prove was, IT WAS THE MOST PEACEFUL DAY IN OUR CURRENT HISTORY, our public transportation systems were pleasantly un-crowded, and no one seemed to miss them, we actually EMBRACED the day. I have never seen so many people in the City of Chicago, have such uncontrollable smiles on their faces.

    And the real joke about May 1, 2006 is:

    How in the hell do over 1 million people who are not even suppose to be here, have jobs to take off from in the first place? The only thing they proved on May 1, 2006 is:


    Edit: Red Power, thanks for the thumbs down, to me it only means you read my answer. And to you it means the truth hurts! LOL, I'm glad I got under you skin.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You are a native woman but because of that you don't have to be ignorant about the facts of the illegals aliens in my country the USA. If you say that is not hurting the American people then you are blind to the fact or just you can not see no further than your illegality. No country, not even the USA could with stand the invasion of illegals coming to our country by the million. You will never see the true about your illegality because all you want is to suck us dry and then return to your country of origin. But this is my country and I have to stay here because this all we got. Because of this I will fight against all illegal aliens that are in my country sucking us dry. If all you are worry about is brown power, all I'm worrying about is my country the USA and my American people.You have a nice day.

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