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Why does everyone hate on Jessica Simpson?

I mean really she is not that stupid. If she was she would not have her hand in as many different business opportunities. At least she has morals. To me she is an excellent role model for children and young women. I mean would you rather her be like Britney Spears with 2 children she never sees in and in and out of rehab? Or what about Paris Hilton who dresses trashy and has all of these innappropriate videos leaking out. What about Nicole Ricci who doesn't seem to eat has also been in rehab for drugs and is on trial right now. There are so many other's I could mention like Lindsey Lohan not even 21 with alcohol problems. I mean stop and look at all the other celebrities our kids are idolizing. I think Jessica Simpson is very classy at least she came out with an article and said that she waited till marriage to have intercourse.


Be serious do you really think Paris Hilton is smart? Do you think she's smarter than Jessica Simpson?

Update 2:

Squiddy- She does not dress like a prostitute. Show me some photos cause I have yet to see her in that kind of attire. And for you information she is brunette now and no longer blonde.

Update 3:

Everyone please name one reason you think she is dumb with out saying she thought buffalo had wings and she was not sure if chicken of the sea was chicken or tuna.

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    i personally <3 her... i mean she is cute, funny, real and natural (unlike other stars that think that they r all that and act like something they r nawt), she can sing, and dresses nicely ( even when she broke up with and Nick and started dressing baggy, she brought boho chic back into everyone's life!!! plus she is a notorious bag girl, so she always has teh hottest of teh hottest bags, whether she pairs it with a mini skirt or a pair of classic chip&pepper jeans!!!! wat's 2 hate?!!?!?

    and she really isn't all that dumb, i mean her friends and family all point out that she had good grades during school and was never a rebel... she was nice to ppl and never started fights... the only reason ppl think that she is stupid is b-caz she was blond (note that i put was b-caz she has dyed her natural blond locks brownish-red) and her stupid newleyweds t.v show... she said sooo many dumb things on that show and ppl started to b-lieve it ... i mean when her teacher asked for the continents, she said " a, e, i, o ,u, and sometimes y " ( a secret she told everyone on live t.v. when she was on a show ) but i think that that was her image... she was 2 b a blond bimbo and everyone loved it!!!! so she probbabaly isn't as dumb as ppl think that she is and is smarter than paris hiton, lindsay lohan, and britney spears combined with a touch of k-fed!!!!!

    Lollie xoxo

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    Jessica is notably plenty the only individual Ive ever seen who's superb at any length. i think of that she did get notably huge- plenty larger than different celebrities did whilst they have been given pregnant. i think of that each and every person is giving her a demanding time because of the fact she has this 4 million greenback handle jenny craig or despite to lose this weight so each and every person is calling forward to this huge transformation that hasnt occured yet. additionally, i think of that folk prefer to make relaxing of her because of the fact she is...somewhat naiive i assume could be the nicest way of putting it. She mentioned that she ate despite she needed because of the fact she assumed that each and every person the load might come off as quickly because of the fact the toddler replaced into delieved. Did she think of she replaced into going to offer delivery to an eighty pound toddler? I propose, come on- how did she no longer comprehend that? however the more suitable factor is that she replaced into pregnant and he or she gained weight. This sounds so cliche or stereotypical-despite, yet Hollywood makes a great deal approximately weight income. So of direction she's been given a demanding time. all and sundry that useful properties or loses 10 kilos in Hollywood gets on the canopy people weekly featuring an eating disease or assumed being pregnant. Thats the fact.

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    She makes poor choices. Mostly, since she's become a mother I feel she is held to higher standards. No-one seems to dispute her talent as a performer. But, when you're in the lime-light for so long it has to cloud a person's judgment. Obviously, that's what's going on with her. I think everyone should just allow her to "find" her own way. Who knows if she likes all this attention - positive or negative ?

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    jessica simpson is dumb would you want your kids to act dumb, those celebs have so many business ventures because its investment, they have so many other people helping them. she is just a pretty face, her music is awful, unfortunately i agree with britney she used to be a role model but as she hit puberty it went downhill. paris hilton, i think the only bad thing she did was let her sex tape out but who doesnt have sex you know. otherwise she is just a young girl having fun. she is growing up now . nicole richie, o man dont know what to say about her its a shame. she should move somewhere , where nobody knows her name. lindsey lohan too much money not enough brains, im hopin she grows up quick. i doubt jess waited to have sex, thats what britney said too, they lie, sorry.

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    How exactly do you "hate on" somebody? You can hate them, but it isn't something you can put on a person like perfume. I can't stand this ghetto slang that originated from thuggish rap artists.

    In my opinion, very few celebrities are worthy of being role models to children. Most of them are shallow egotistical jerks who live very irresponsible and immoral lives.

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    Jessica Simpson classy? I just don't see that like you do. I am just so tired of the dumb blonde routine and she dresses like a prostitute and she doesn't need to do that , she needs to respect herself and her young fans a little more.I do agree with you on all the other celeb's you mentioned, they are not classy either. I went onto the yahoo search and clicked in Jessica Simpson Images-now tell me that she does not dress like a prostitute- I found tons but I am giving you the links for 3 of them check them out- I certainly wouldn't want my daughters to dress like that !!!

    Do the Yahoo image search and you will see for your own eyes, not a role model for my kids that is for sure.

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    Yeah, she's very classy.

    Putting her life on TV. So classy. Divorcing the man she gave her virginity too. So classy.

    I know you're just trying to say she's better than Brit and Lindsey, but it doesn't mean she's a good role model either.

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    ok i'm sure jessica is not dumb, and since she can act and sing and stuff, i think she's smart

    paris hilten looks dumb, and er, can't act or sing, so i don't think she's hiding her intellgence, so paris hilton is dumb

    plus with all the drugs and booze that'll dumb anyone down

    i dont' like jessica simpson anyways, shes just pretty face to push some products, if she dont' do it, someone else will

    and vice versa

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    I don't think Jessica Simpson is very bright. The business opportunities she's had don't come as a result of her savvy...she has a team of people looking out for her interests. I also don't think everyone hates on her...most people (like me) couldn't care less. :)

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    I think she's adorable. I like her better than people like Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton

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