How many kids did Henry Ford ,founder of for motors company, have?

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    Upon his marriage to Clara Bryant in 1888, Ford supported himself by farming and running a sawmill. They had a single child: Edsel Bryant Ford (1893-1943).

    Henry Ford suffered an initial stroke in 1938, after which he turned over the running of his company to Edsel. Edsel's 1943 death brought Henry Ford out of retirement. In ill health, he ceded the presidency to his grandson Henry Ford II in September 1945, and went into retirement. He died in 1947 of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 83 in Fair Lane, his Dearborn estate, and is buried in the Ford Cemetery in Detroit. Henry Ford took that last ride to Ford Cemetery in a Packard. On the night of his death the River Rouge had flooded the local power station and had left Ford's house without electricity. Before going to sleep Henry and his wife lit candles and oil lamps to light the house. Later that evening, just before dawn, Henry Ford, father of mass production, died.

    Source(s): Wikipedia, of course.
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    The only one he admitted to was Edsel Ford. Edsel had four children, Henry II, Benson, Josephine, and William. Only William is still alive.

    Henry the Second pushed his grandfather out of the company (Edsel never ran Ford) and ran Ford with a heavy hand. When he decided to retire, rather than name his brother, William as his successor, he named an outsider.

    Benson was not that bright, so he ran the Ford Foundation which includes the Henry Ford Health System. It was because of Benson's lack of attention, or error, that Ford stock is traded in the stock market. The publicly traded stock is non-voting, but the family still was (is) not pleased.

    Josephine collected, and gave away art. Tough job when you're rich.

    William owns the Detroit Lions football team. His son William Junior, was Chairman of the Board of Ford, beating out his cousin, Edsel the Second (Henry II son) for the job. But he recently resigned so the Chairman of Boeing could take over and save Ford.

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