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Where can i buy a diane von furstenberg sidekick 3?

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    Your best bet is eBay like everyone else is going to get the DVF SK3, try it's a bit of them floating around there also. They aren't going for cheap, between $350- $800. I offered to pay a guy $285 he wasn't having it so he counter-offered for $330 I said, "I'll take it!!!!!". Thats was the best decision I could've ever made two days ago, because thereafter I have checked around to see what the DVF SK3 going price is and it's no less than $400. If you see one of interest make the seller an offer although they won't tell you straight out they accept offers to see how low they are willing to go. They are pretty firm on cost since it is a LIMITED EDITION and only 10,000 were made. Be very careful bidding on eBay there are a few scammers selling the DVF that want you to send a money gram or money order to them and you never receive the product ALWAYS CHECK THERE FEEDBACK COMMENTS AND SCORE!!!, the same type scammer's are floating around selling the DVF Sidekick on Yahoo! Auctions. I believe thats alot of precious dollars for something gone down the drain if you are not cautious. Some quick helpful hints for shopping on Ebay is.. 1)Make sure to email the seller & ask what the condition the screen is in. I found that many of the DVF sidekicks had very scratched screens, after communicating w/ different sellers. You don't want to pay top $ for one w/ a scratched screen, trust me, so do your homework before bidding. 2)A LOT of Ebay sellers are jacking up the prices of their own auctions by having bogus screenames and bid on their own auctions. Make sure to check the history of the bids before bidding. Chances are you will see a bunch of screenames with (0) feedback. That is such an old trick to create false hype about a particular auction. Look for sellers that less bids & don't jack up their own auction prices to get more $. Last tip & very important if you buy a used sidekick (which 90% of them will be used).. Once you get your sidekick, you will need to call T-Mobile & have them transfer you to the "Sidekick department" of T-Mobile. Tell the sidekick representative, you need to have you sidekick "reset", so you can go through the registration process on your sidekick. They will walk you through the steps to register your sidekick, so that it is fully unlocked. It takes about 5 minutes & its easy to go through. You need to do this in order for your sidekick to work (dial out or get online). Also ask the seller about lock codes before you bid, because people are trying to sell sidekicks they can't remember the personal privacy lock they set. Hope this helps!!!!!!

    Source(s):,, Google "diane sidekick for sale" and see what pops up (who knows what you'll see)
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    Diane Von Furstenberg Sidekick

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    It's already been out, and T-Mobile has stopped making/selling it. You can check Ebay & Craigslist though. They usually go on there from $300 & up.

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    Check eBay. doesn't sell them anymore. You could also try a store, maybe they still have some.

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