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Does the third harmonic chanted in a Kabbalah cantor vibration achieve an ascending helicity?

Could this then be the means by which poetry was sung to God by fallen Angels begging forgiveness? Does this also give plausiblity to the use of the Arc of the Covenat as an amplifier to comune with God?

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    1. Yes, 3rd harmonic chanted in Kabbalah cantor vibration achieve an ascending ( & decending) helicity.

    2. Nikola Tesla scientifically proved that the universe has a harmonic energy. (1) Yes, waves are constistant throughout the universe and within DNA (& smaller). Music would most likely be a path to God.

    3. The Arc of the Covenant would incorporate this yes, but is is much more than a telephone to God.

    --------- Reserch Results & applications to my sillyness: -------

    {{{Third Harmonic "(5th above fundamental) - {{A Major Scale within the “Ascending helix” circle of fifths))" (2) ------ Song “Up Town Girl” (one of the queens fav. karaoke songs) is in the A Major Scale; so is Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (in pseudo-operatic section).

    Kabbala Cantor is the mystical doctrine concerning God’s simultaneous immanence and transcendence for the esoteric. (3)

    "Ascending helicity (looks like a wine screw opener. In music, pitch space is often modeled with helices or double helices, most often extending out of a circle such as the circle of fifths, so as to represent octave equivalency.). Mathematically we need to use Calculus:

    ({x = cos (t) --- y = sin (t) --- z = t }

    Here t is a real parameter. As t increases, the point (x,y,z) traces a right-handed helix of pitch 2π about the z-axis, in a right-handed coordinate system.) ...... The alpha helix in biology as well as the A and B forms of DNA are also right-handed helices." (4)

    Which if you remember my past ranting about the “Alpha & Omega” apply to smallness as well as bigness well, we see this reoccurring pattern of the ascending helicity expanding outward to infinity (or Omega) and inward to infinity (Alpha). }}}

    In short, the Queen is singing “Up Town Girls” during Karaoke tea time because this is in the Key of “A Major” this is producing shock waves that are expanding rapidly inward and outward like a cork screw penetrating into the deepest parts of our DNA and reaching as far away as the end of the Universe in an immanence transcendental mystery. I had no idea the Queen was practicing ancient Jewish tradition … is she using this to call aliens from within our bodies our aliens from outer space???

    OMG, it’s the end of the world …. AhHhHh AhHhhhh AhhaHhh Ahhhh Ahhhh Ahhhh Ahhhh Ahhhh (in A major, of course).

    Source(s): (1) (2);_ylt=Ap5D.... (3);_ylt=AuHlr... (4) Giggle - There's a reson the Jewish keep Kabbala Cantor for the esoterically advanced - Giggle.
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    the ark is humming away on its harmonic frequencies in a warehouse somewhere in washington dc.... i saw them put it there in 'indiana jones'.

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    I am Jewish and I don't understand your question

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