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Does anyone in the world speak Standard Classical Arabic natively, or does each Arabic country have a dialect?

I know that it's a media language, and taught in schools, but also that there are many forms of colloqial Arabic, derived from the original Arabic. Does any country just speak plain, classical Arabic?

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    classical arabic is spoken mainly by non arabs who learn arabic newly. and there is lots of them , like asians and reverts. classical arabic is spoken in high classs meetings, schools, religious meetings,and is often used in the dialects, like classical arabic idioms and stuff. as fo the accent/dialect, my dad used to say that sudan speaks the closest to classical arabic, in normal dialect, followed by saudi arabia, and the gulf.... the least is morocco , tunisia and algeria.

    bt even thought, every arabic speaker knows how to speak classical arabic, because there is no major differ its usually just substitution of the pronounciaion of a certain letter, and simple words, not the structure of the phrases.

    but written arabic is 99.99% classical everywhere, in every country and so is the media.

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    As a country no, but in certain educated families they speak classical Arabic. Probably the dialect is the worst in Palestine, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia. Iraqis also speak a heavy dialect but can be understood. Probably closest to the classical Arabic is western and central part of Saudi Arabia. Standard Arabic is the same for all countries, though some words may differ, especially in Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia.

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    Well, not exactly.

    The derived dialects are quite similar to the formal arabic in many regions -- but, usually, all formal social/professional events/conversations are in formal Arabic.

    For example, a teacher in class, a lecture, all news reporters, interviewers, newspapers, magazines, there all in the formal Arabic, and someone who doesn't really know the proper Arabic (its kindof hard) can be considered illiterate!

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    nicely permit make it common: there is widely used arabic and this arabic is spoken in information a number of of television classes information papers and we additionally write in widely used arabic we dont write in in dialects( whether some "cool" young ones achieve this in chatrooms and stuff) using Arab worlds variety and because many countries talk the Arabic language over the time each and every u . s . a . have been given its own specific dialect. be conscious; a dialect is diffrent from an accessory a dialect envolves using completly diffrent words and diffrent strategies of announcing a similar letter. just about each and every arabic u . s . a . has its own dialect whether some countries have comparable dialects like Gulf countries( saudi, Qutar and so on..) and syria and lebanon has comparable dialects.. egypt has its own uniqe dialect. maximum Arabs will comprehend all diffrent dialects exept perhaps for western arabia like morroco and alegeria which has verry diffrent dialect coz remember its no longer a diffrent language its a dialect. interior each and every u . s . a . u even have accents working example in lebanon we've a southern accessory and a beirut accessory. accents are only person-friendly diffrences interior the pronounciation of th be conscious. right it is an occasion of a sentence in widely used arabic and diffrent dialects. English: i'm hungry yet i choose the rest room widely used; Ana jaa'e laken orreedo an azhab el al hamam Lebanese: Ana Jou'En bas bade rooh al hamEm syria; Ana Jou AAn bas bEdeh rooh al hamAAm Kuwait: Ana you'an bas abee arooh al hamAm Egypt: Ana pass'an bas awez arooh el hamam Saudi; Ana jou'an bas abgha arooh el hamam Iraqi: Ana you'an bas areed arooh al hamAm yet another eg english: what are u tomorw widely used: mazza sata'fa' ghadan? Kuwaity; Shinoo Endek bacher? lebanese; Shu endak abokra? United arab emirates: Shu endek bokra? egypt: endak eh bokra? i wish i made that easy for u. :) Edit) learn the widely used one u ll comprehend all of them and be waiting to income different dialects later. If u had to choose on a particular dialect ireccomend the lebanese its extra elegant than egyptian. regards dark N

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    Every area has it's dialects and phrases specific to the region it comes from, in every language. Standard classical arabic is probably a formal version of the language, used in business and classrooms, but rarely spoken or written in popular culture.

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    No. Classical Arabic used to be of common use long ago (from the times of the prophets, that is)

    Poets used to deliver their poems in a different type of Arabic (called Al- jahili[ pre- Islamic period]), which is more complicated than the one used nowadays, and thorough studies are made on it at schools.

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    no,even in schools and the Media nobody use the classical Arabic,just like nobody now use the Shakespeare English,instead of that we use in school...a more simple Arabic, easier than the classical but with the same grammar ofcourst

    classical Arabic nowadays is used only (sometimes) by poets and ofcourst it's studied in schools and universities

    because the Arabic land had been invaded many time by (Turks,Persians,Mongols) we have now those (like you call them) forms of colloquial Arabic,

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    unfortunelty. Each arabic country has its own dialect

    and sometimes there are even subdialects but to answer your question its saudi arabia that has got the dialect closest to classical arabic.

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