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Is Joseph Mercola a member of WAPF?

Weston A. Price Foundation.

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    The first answerer got it! I just wish they had continued that clip to include what happened to who he replaced <evil grin>.

    Here's the rest:

    "...previous guru Stephen Byrnes died of a stroke at the age of 45."

    Here's a clip from the same story about Mercola<grin>

    "...he has been reprimanded by the FDA to cease making these fraudulent health claims about this coconut oil and another “health” product—chlorella. "

    He fits in perfectly with the rest of the quacks at WAPF<g>.

    Here's a link to their board:

    Notice that Fallon has NO scientific background and is an English major. She's the re-write editor that sees to it that their publications are keyed to scare people towards returning meat/dairy to their diet (Orwell would have loved her<g>).

    If you have the bandwidth and time look up the histories of all their board members, it adds an entirely different light on their publications! Since they are listed by the IRS as a non-profit you might also enjoy viewing their finance records and it's also enlightening to view the contributions made to politicians by them<evil grin>.

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    "Honorary Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) board member and Internet health guru Joe Mercola, D.O, became the most public member of the WAPF contingency after the previous guru Stephen Byrnes died of a stroke at the age of 45".

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    What I don't like about Mercola is that he freely advocates red meat and animal fat consumption as the alternative to harmful polyunsaturated fats. Now I think he's right that polyunsaturated vegetable oils are not harmless as the industry claims they are, but there is a third option - switching to olive oil and other monounsaturated fats.

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    Well, he advocates it alot. I have learned alot about nutrition from their website. They are quite dilegent in their information. Mercola tends to repeat alot of what is on the WAPF site

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    Well, the more guys join the WAPF, the truer it must be!

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