tomorrow's forum will be the first, if not the only chance for members of public to directly pose questions to the two chief executive election candidate.

1. translate it into chinese

2.用 if not 作句句子做example,so that i can understand the usage of such sentence structure.

thanks all

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    "if not" can be used in a situation, when things happen only very rarely. (很難得)

    eg 1.

    Jack was bitten by a snake in the forrest, if not because we brought a first-aid supply box with us, Jack could have died from the snake bite.

    eg 2.

    If not we've brought an unbrella, we could have all gotten wet from this storm.

    2007-03-20 01:28:09 補充:

    其實都幾難用中文來翻譯....Maybe consider the translation to be:....." 如果不是____的話 "

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