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Presenter:What's in a Margherita pizza?Tomatoes?Ham?Cheese?Sweetcorn?Maggie:No.Just green herbs,white cheese and red tomatoes--the colours of the ltalian flag.They are a put on a pizza base made of bread.Presenter:That must be the most difficult part of the pizza to make.Maggie:Not a all!You can buy ready-made ones from the supermarket.

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    我d英文小學程度 睇下幫唔幫到你= =

    Presenter話: 個Margherita pizza(pizza你知係乜掛) 有d咩?蕃茄?火腿?芝士?甜玉米?

    Maggie話: 不是, 淨係有綠 唔知乜(香料maybe) , 白芝士, 紅蕃茄, 即係意大利國旗的顏色, 佢地都係放響pizza 上面, pizza個底係麵包造的.

    Presenter話: 咁呢個部分一定係個pizza最難整ge部分

    Maggie話: 完全不是! 呢部分你可以響超級市場買到, 仲係整好左

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