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6.tied up



9.pocket watch



12.sign chain




17.held out


19.tore open

20.squealed with delight

21.delight clip

23.never mind

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    1.Practice makes perfect

    2.The poor little girl sobbed out her sad story

    3.The joy shone clear on his face

    4.He undid the top button of his shirt

    5.He tied the present with ribbon.

    6.Thieves tied up the night watchman

    7.She was previously employed as a tour guide

    8.He was in possession of an illegal drug

    9.My pocket watch is a birthday present from daddy.

    10.After the concert the people flowed out of the hall.

    11.I hurried the kids through their breakfasts

    12.The symbol for subtraction is the minus sign

    13.The gold chain is a gift from her parent

    14.The accident caused a chain reaction in which seven trucks piled up on the bridge

    15.She handed her term paper in late.

    16.The old man stared the uninvited guest up and down.

    17.They won't be able to held out much longer under this sort of bombardment.

    18.The package was wrapped in plain brown paper

    19.I tore open the package

    20.He squealed with delight upon admission to the college.

    21.His music teacher expressed delight with his performance.

    22.My silver hair clip is brought from Sogo.

    23."I lost that wallet you gave me." "Well, never mind, I can always buy you another one."

    Source(s): Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary / Yahoo
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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Her acting is really perfect.

    2. She broke down and sobbed aloud.

    3. He shone the flashlight on the water.

    4. He undid the parcel.

    5. The young girl's hair was tied up with a red ribbon.

    6. I am tired of working in the factory.

    7. Don't be too previous about refusing.

    8. Her possessions could fit in one suitcase.

    9. A pocket watch usually is a strapless personal timepiece that is carried in a pocket.

    10. After the concert the people flowed out of the hall.

    11. He gave me a hurried glance.

    12. I talked with him by signs.

    13. The dog was fastened to a post by a gold chain.

    14. The traffic accident led to a chain of events.

    15. He handed me a glass of beer.

    16. We stared at him in amazement.

    17. Some recent research inn Houston, Texas, held out hope for the millions of people in Hong Kong .

    18. She is good at designing eye-catching packages.

    19. I tore open the sack.

    20. She squealed with delight when she knowed this good news.

    21. He enjoyed the delights of New York's night life.

    22. Please use the hair clip to clip your hair.

    23. Never mind, I'll do it myself.

    Source(s): yahoo 字典
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