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oral eng 20 points!! to make the presentation /exhibition/ display interesting?

2how to make the booklet intersting?

3hot to make the drama interesting ?

4if u are in a debating team,how to organise and present your arguments?

5plz give me points and reasons to support these questions!

6"在雜誌,電台,電視,地鐵做宣傳" 的英文點講呢?

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    1.How to make the presentation /exhibition/ display interesting?

    - If we want to present attractively, the co-ordination of audio and visual is very important. Generally, for example, people are interested in moving pictures like video or animations more than just posters.

    - And if the person who in charge of the presentation /exhibition/ display can harmonize and utilize well the surrounding, the effectiveness will increase greatly. The basic or general rules to do so are as follow:

    i) state the topical ideas clearly, so audience briefly knows what will happen;

    ii) organize well before every speech or expression;

    iii) Set the targets on what response you want to get from audience and

    iv) pay attention to every little respose as frequent as you can do.

    2, How to make the booklet interesting?

    - Depends. But basically do not make it too long, use simple words and pictures.

    - If it is for commercial, try to make it worth to keep the booklet for discounts.

    3, How to make the drama interesting?

    - A drama is for artists to show. To make it interesting depends mostly on actors/actresses. But of course, things b4 on show, the efforts by director, the crew and advertisments are also affecting people go or not.

    4, If u are in a debating team,how to organise and present your arguments?

    - First, you must to stay alert all the time, even b4 the debate start.

    i) State clear which side you stand;

    ii) List out all points to support, even by brainstorming;

    iii) then discuss what and how your opponent will disagreed on each point;

    iv) try to stand on the opposite side to study and learn what info they would get;

    - Dont just object because you want to object. Raise a question to your opponent occasionally at a suitable time. Because audience will also think of your question. If they dont answer the counter question appropriately or they avoided, then your speech will become more powerful.

    - Be fluent, dont show that you are hesitate.

    6"在雜誌,電台,電視,地鐵做宣傳" 的英文點講呢?


    " Advertising in magazine, radio, TV and MTR "

    Source(s): simply my personal experience
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