Ayurvedic Treatment Vs allopathic treatment for Thyroid?

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Hello everyone, I just want to know which treatment would be better for Thyroid, ayurvedic or allopathic. I have hypothyroid, and I have just started ayurvedic treatment, from one ...show more
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I would go with conventional medicine, but I decided to keep an open mind and look up Ayurvedic treatment for the thyroid.

Gugul is a supplement recommended.

From www.bestnutrition.com:

One of the best known Ayurvedic herbs in India is gugul, the A resin (organic substances that exude from trees and plants) from the Commiphora mukul tree, widely used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, which is now becoming more popular with practitioners of Western alternative medicine.

Ayurvedic practitioners also used gugul for weight-loss. It was thought then that the herb acted as a metabolic tonic, but its mechanism of action was unknown. It is now known through research that gugul has an effect on the thyroid gland. In short, gugul raised the levels of circulating thyroid hormones, which may account for its ability to regulate obesity and cholesterol levels. In summary, gugul offers an interesting potential and it is time that we reexamined this wonder of the past.

If this is the path you want to choose, I would still consult with a doctor, and have your conditioned checked monthly with blood tests to see if there is progress and to keep you out of harm.


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  • mobile guru answered 7 years ago
    see actually this problem is related to over or under secretion of a particular gland as such it is better to for an allopathic treatment for direct result.however in long run go for ayurvedaaa
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  • spiritual healer answered 7 years ago
    if nothing works, try meditation after getting self-realization from an experienced spiritual teacher. In two to three months of doing regular meditation, you would forget that you ever suffered from thyroid.
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  • getz answered 7 years ago
    do not end up in complications!! better switch over to allopathy,at least the doctors know what they r giving!!!
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  • einreb answered 7 years ago
    Ayurvedic is best, all treatments take time for the effect to be felt. You will feel the swelling in your neck for ever. I have had it for 4 years now, so don't expect that to get any better
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  • Clouds answered 7 years ago
    Ayurvedic is good, but it will take little time.
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