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Do you think big name actors ruin movies?

Or is it that good "no name" actors just make movies so much better?

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    I think "big name actors" can have both effects on a film. Some actors are so famous or well known for a particular role that they are just too unbelievable because we know too much about them. For example, Tom Cruise is so famous that what ever role you watch him in you think "hay, thats Tom Cruise" and it can ruin the movie. On the other hand, some actors slip into a role so well that they become the character and you forget that it's them, Johnny Depp is a very good example of this and yet both actors are of equal popularity. We also have to remember that movies with unknowns in get very little publicity and often fail because of it, so big names also help in this area of things.

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    It depends on the big name actor, the role, and the film. Just having a big name actor doesn't ruin a film, because big name actors generally become big names because they are good.

    Although, sometimes putting a big name actor in a movie may hurt the film's sequel ability. Case in point: Ghost Rider. The chances Nick Cage will want to do another one is unlikely, which is a shame for anyone that's a fan of the character. But, The Departed is filled with big names, and the film is amazing. But, Batman Begins is filled with lesser known stars (save for Michael Caine or Gary Oldman, althoug Gary is unrecognizable) and it's awesome.

    So, no, just putting a big name isn't necessarily a bad thing. Making a bad film is a bad thing.

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    More than 2 usually ruin a movie.

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    I seem to like no name actors better

    If they do something that would shock the whole world like get naked or do a big sex scene, the entire world wouldn't hear about it

    it just makes the movie better

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    Having a major star can get more people to buy tickets, but it does nothing for the quality of the film. The performances, direction, editing, etc. add up to one package. If the performances are good, they're good -- regardless of the actors' status.

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    No, it's a combination of bad writing and poor acting that make a movie bad.

    Big names as well as the unknowns are both guilty in my mind of turning in bad performances. Usually though, it starts with a weak script or a poor casting decision.

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    Yeah. For example, Nicholas Cage was cool untill they put him in this sh!tty role in GHOST RIDER. Good, no name actors make movies much more interseting and fun to watch.

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    It depends what kind of movie it is

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    sometimes and sometimes they make it (e.g Scarface)....

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