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Anonymous asked in SportsBaseball · 1 decade ago

Rate my Fantasy baseball team?

Rate from 1-10 and explain why.

12 team league Rottiserrie

C: Jorge Posada

1B: David Ortiz

2B: Josh Barfield

3B: Aramis Ramirez

SS: Hanley Ramirez

OF: Manny Ramirez

OF: Gary Sheffield

OF: Corey Patterson

Util: Paul Konerko

Bn: Austin Kearns, Brad Hawpe, and Adrian Gonzalez

SP: Daisuke Matsuzaka

SP: Andy Pettitte

RP: Brian Fuentes

RP: Adam Wainwright

P: Dontrelle Willis

P: Mike Gonzalez

P: Chris Capuano

Bn: Kevin Millwood

Bn: Ted Lilly

Also, tell me what you think about each player that I have and what changes I should make. Probable trades, roster changes, etc. please state.

By the way, this was a Pre-Draft so I did not get to choose my players.

Tell me if you think I would win the league please.

League Link:


Please don't comment on the Ramirezes. I did not get to choose the players so I did not purposely choose all the Rams.

15 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    i'll start with the top and work my way down.

    first off people spend to many high picks on a catcher. piazza is dhing for oakland and ivan rodriguez plays both first and catchers..and he qualifies (both player do) at catcher. that should have been the players you went after. you could have gotten them in the last 5 rounds thus allowing you to take better hitters or better starting pitching.

    ortiz is a great pick and his numbers will be a bit better with lugo in the lineup and with his speed.

    barfield is junk. the player you need to get hold of (and could have gotten in the ian kinsler he's a 20 20 threat especially in that texas lineup and stadium. also i've been getting him pretty much with my final 3 picks. think about it a starting 2nd bagger with 20 20 potential in the 18th round? come ooooon people!

    aramis rameriz i don't mind because he's hitting in a nice line up and all..but he NEVER SHOWS UP until late july by which that time you could be far out of the running for a chance at the league title. also i would have went out and taken julio lugo or garett atkins (who i would have taken) i like lugo because he's playing in a loaded lineup and also he qualifies at 3 different, 2nd and guess what...3rd. he's also a lock for 20 20 as well.

    you got a steal in hanely and he's been my main pick that i must have so far. give him 2 more hr's 15 more rbi's 15 more batting points and a few more sb's and he's being picked in the top 5. he's a steal and poeple are just down right stupid for not picking him and taking players like rollin over him (first off rollin had a career year last year. and only because howard went off..howard will not hit 58 bombs again nor will he hit 315 again. that's asking him to hit 30 bombs again in the second half and to hit 354..that's just not gonna happen as much as we both would like to see it)

    manny is manny. when he plays he's worth it..when he's in a mood not to better have a solid back up or your seasons dead. go out and pick up milton bradly right now.

    i like patterson and all but depending on where you drafted him i'd rather have johny damon. he's a decent pick but you wont' get much from him other than sb's and some runs maybe a few rbi's. but certianly no average. (by the way hanely will give you most of youre sb's so you really don't need a player like patterson)

    knoerko is good..but you could have gotten a better player in thome in later rounds. most people forget about him because he doesn't show up high in the rankings. he only plays dh (utility) so people forget about him. i've been getting him in the freaking 11th to 13th round (yes the freaking 11th round)

    i like your bench espeically gonzales (but you have to many 1stbasebmen) and hawpe faded big time last year after a super hot start. he's no holliday so i don't expect much from him there's better options outthere. see the milton bradly comment


    dice k..i dont know. first off he never won 20 in japan..second he only pitched 23 innings in the wbc..and some of those were against a usa team that didn't have very many stars playing for it. he parlayed all that into a 53 million dollar contract...and now you want me to believe he's gonna dominate the AL EAST? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    not gonna happen.

    pettite is a nice pick he's good for 15 wins easily.

    fuentes? come on now. you do realise you can win a league with out saves right?

    wainwright..not worth a comment.

    willis of course is gonna be solid being as his contract is almost up...and i fully expect him to be traded by the end of the season.

    gonzalez isn't gonna close but he a set up man. and if you are in a roto league (not head to head which you should always playe over roto especially if youre a novice) then gonzo isn't worth much to you.

    capuano is also a solid pick i don't mind (but it all depends where and when you drafted him.)

    millwood has seen better days. i'd have taken ian snell who won 14 games and a very good batting averagin against..for a very crappy pirates team..that team by the way just got that much better by adding some solid bats.

    ted lilly?

    see the snell comment. people are forgetting about rich harden of the a's. you could have gotten him so much later instead of a junk player like lilly.

    here's some advice. if you are serious about competeing then next time make sure you pick a time you can be there for A ONLINE DRAFT. and pick the team you want. study the numbers and check for players who are sleepers.

    chris duncan for saint louis is one who had 22 bombs in 90 games for them he's starting by the way this year.

    need more advice hit me up.

    by the way i am considered and expert.

    Source(s): by the way...did you just drop half of those players to pick up what i just seen you picked up? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? i checked that link and just screwed your team by dropping them players to pick up procter and the such. my god..what were you thinking? your team should look like this
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  • Jake
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    6-7.You have a very good catcher. Considering there is about only 7 good catchers. You got one of the better ones. David Ortiz! Go Sox! This guy is great he hits some many bombs and racks up the RBIs. Can't go wrong here. Josh Barfield very good choice. He is a sleeper and a good choice since Cano and Utley probably were gone early. Expect a great season. Aramis Ramirez is about the 3rd best 3B in fantasy baseball. Great season ahead epically with Alfonso Soriano and Derek Lee in the lineup. Hanley is a top notch SS and can rack up you some steals. Manny is part of the Ortiz-Ramirez combo where these two will never go wrong. Expect him the same as Ortiz with a better average. Patterson will earn you a few more steals and a good average. And expect a good season from Sheffield. Your bench is decent with Adrian Gonzalez on there it should do good. But your better off picking up a backup second baseman or catcher.

    Dice-K is a good pitcher. His spring training has been great. Expect a great season and a ROY. Andy Pettitte is ok keep you eye on him and Capuano. Capuano has been having a tough spring training giving up 7 runs to the White Sox in 2 innings is something to worry about.The D-Train, Millwood and Lilly are all decent. Good thing have the D-Train on your team. Last season was rough but, expect more this year. Good relive pitching with Wainwright, Fuentes and Gonzalez. I expect a good number of saves. The only problem with that pitching staff is you need more Ks.

    People to watch for are Edwin Encarcion go projection for this season. You could pick him up and trade him or Gonzalez. You would get some one good for those guys. I bet you will make the playoffs with this team.

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  • J.A.
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago


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  • 1 decade ago

    I think the Ramirez thing is kind of cool, actually. Anyway, your lineup would get a 9. I don't think the rest of your league are very good drafters. You should keep your pitchers just the way they are, and pick up a second baseman, a third baseman, and maybe a catcher instead of Posada. I like Nick Punto and Ty Wigginton, who are very underrated and you can get them for very little in a trade. You may even be able to obtain them for some backups.

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  • 1 decade ago

    General: 7

    Avg: 7

    Runs: 9

    HRs: 8.5

    RBI's: 8.5


    Wins: 7.5

    Era: 7

    K's: 7

    WHIP: 7.5

    Saves: 6

    You have good speed, batting average, power, Barfield it's a young potencial all-star, Matsuzaka needs to probe, won't get a lot of saves, Kearns & Gonzalez will explode with a huge year.

    You have an average team, but really can win.

    Good Luck!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    first of all its kind of weird how you have the 3 ramirez's, to answer your question, your team isn't great, in my league i had last pick out of 14 teams and i think my team is stronger than your team, maybe because i actually got to pick my team, you should always draft your own team, a lot better

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    depends on how many teams in your league. If there's 12 than it's a top 5. So, I rate it about a 6.5

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well forst off you can pre rank players so dont use that for a excuse for poor players

    i like most of your starting pitchers but weak in rp

    sheff is injured and the bench players are weak try trading some of the bench of a desent rp

    5 rating

    heres mine

    Source(s): dusty baker
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  • 1 decade ago

    I think you have too many Ramirez's in the middle of your line up

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  • 1 decade ago

    I give it a 0. YOU SUCK. The only good players are the Red Sox players ****head

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