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Any GREEN CARD HOLDERS travel without their Passport?


I need to know if anyone who is a Lawful Perminent Resident, travel to Mexico, Caribbeans, or anywhere where the new passport requirement is in affect, with ONLY their Green Card instead of a Passport?

Please only answer if you are a Green Card Holder, or you know someone who is, that has traveled after January 23rd.

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    As of January this year, citizens of the USA and Canada will need to have a passport if they travel by air between two countries. If travel by land, citizenship card or any other ID that will establish their citizenship will do.

    To answer your question, I guess you will need to have a passport.

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    In maximum case you want a passport to get on any airplane Thats going again somewhat ..The 0.33 purpose of variety I-131 is to maintain a Refugee shuttle rfile it extremely is issued to someone who replaced into granted asylum or refugee prestige to enter the USA of a. This is likewise a eco-friendly passport type rfile and valid for one 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. very last time is replaced into called a whitre passport replaced into around the time of massive evacuation replaced into made from Viet-Nam

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    Sorry you need your passport! if it was lost or stolen replace it from you embassy.

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