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how can i get rid of extremely potent cat urine odor from my sofa?

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    I own a professional carpet cleaning business (we also do upholstery). You need to use a product that contains enzymes and bacteria. The enzymes break down the components of the urine, and the bacteria actually consumes and removes the urine particles. Products that contain both are PetZyme (sold at Petsmart) and Natural Miracle. If your cat peed on your couch, it has soaked down into the cushions, and I strongly recommend you hire a professional to clean it with a professional strength machine in order to thoroughly clean and rinse the sofa instead of just cleaning the surface. Just make sure you hire someone who uses a product that contains both enzymes and bacteria to remove the urine properly.

    Source(s): Professional carpet and upholstery cleaner for 22 years.
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    There is a product on the market called Pet Stain - large bottle yellow and blue label. This will work. You can get it at Wal-mart, Pet Smart or like stores. Test on a hidden spot first to be sure it doesn't discolor the sofa fabric. Also Bissel makes a product called Tough Stain - Wal-mart carries it. It is good at taken the order away. If this doesn't work, you will have to have the sofa cleaned. You can rent a steam cleaner and do it yourself and save alot of money if you don't own one.

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    there are cleaning substances that are sold at pet could try a few of those..

    i hope it gets better!!!

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    simple - kick the cat out!

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    Very easy just buy a new one...that easy eh.

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    get rid of the sofa..:)

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