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who will win in a fight between jaguar and bengal tiger if they somehow meet?

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    Interesting Question, this is going to be fun -

    The jaguar is the third-largest feline after the Siberian tiger and the lion, being on average the largest and most powerful feline in the Western Hemisphere.

    The Siberian tiger is the largest cat, but the average African lion can get bigger than a simple Bengal. Just because it is the largest, it is not the most heavily built, does not have the strongest bite (let's study the anatomy of the jaw structure) and is not the most powerful. We can even compare the largest in which the animals have taken down for prey, with a single tiger having been documented taking down a 600 pound water buffalo on record, lions have documented taking down elephants but only in prides, tigers single handedly taking down elephant calves around the 600 pound ratio. The largest kill documented for a jaguar was a domestic bull in Mexico weighing over 1000 pounds. Furthermore, I have many text books on the big cats. Two seperate books will say two seperate things, with one saying the tiger is the strongest, and another saying the jaguar. I decided to go by which books were closest to modern research/publishes earliest and it says jaguar. So if you love tigers or jaguars, let's not make this personal, tigers are strong and deffinately more man killing, but new research points to the jaguar being strongest.

    So pound for pound the Jaguar is stronger in strength and has a stronger bite pound for pound, but since the Bengal Tiger is larger it has a more powerful bite.

    Bengal Tiger

    The Bengal tiger is mostly indigenous to India but has some ranges in Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Myanmar. There are approximately 3,159–4,715 wild tigers, with about 333 in captivity, primarily in zoos in India. The “simple” Bengal Tiger averages 2.9 meters (9 1/2 feet) from head to tail and weigh about 220 kilograms (480 pounds) and 2.5 meters (8 feet) in length and weighing approximately 140 kilograms (300 pounds) for males and females respectively. The Bengal tiger can reach up to 258 kilograms (569 pounds) and 160 kilograms (353 pounds) for males and females respectively. Their range size is estimated at 10-39 km² (3.9–15 mile²) for females and 30-105 km² (11.7–40.5 mile²) for males.

    Bengal tigers like all tigers and most cats are solitary. Bengal tigers prey primarily on wild deer and wild cattle. All prey are forest or grassland ungulates that range in size from 65 to 2,000 pounds (30-900 kg). Typically, wild tigers gorge themselves on fresh kills, and can eat as much as 40 pounds (18 kg) of meat at one time. The Tiger has been known and recorded to kill adult Gaur also known as “Indian Bison.” Tigers have a preference for gaur and chital.


    The jaguar is the largest and most powerful feline in the Americas and the third largest and third most powerful cat worldwide.

    The Jaguar is commonly found in rain forests, savannahs, and swamps, but at the northern end of its territory it may enter scrub country and even deserts. The Jaguar still has a stronghold in the Amazon basin, but has been nearly wiped out of all drier regions. Wherever it is found, it requires fresh water as the Jaguar is an excellent swimmer.

    Adult male and female jaguars may weigh between 56.25 and 95.71 kg (124 - 211 lb), but larger individuals weighing 130.63 and 151.05 kg (288 - 333 lb). have been recorded by scientists. Their length varies from 1.62 to 1.83 m (5.3 - 6 ft), excluding their 76.2 cm (30 in) tail. Females are typically 10 to 20 % smaller than males. The large jaguars would most assuredly be more powerful than Sumatran and South china tigers. Average size jaguars would also be able to hold their own against a Sumatran. Jaguars average or large are still much smaller than even an average African Lion, Bengal or Siberian tiger.

    Pound for pound the jaguar is the most powerful cat. What this means is that relative to size if all cats were the same weight the jaguar would clearly be the most powerful. To further illustrate the point, I’m being a little redundant here but I most make sure I am clear,if a Siberian tiger and jaguar both weighed a total of 150 pounds the jaguar would be more powerful. However because of the large discrepancy between the jaguar’s size and the lion and tiger’s, it is not as powerful as its African and Asian cousins. The jaguar, relative to size, is the most heavily built of the cats earning it the reputation of “bulldog” of the cat world. It has a broad deep chest, short powerful limbs, and a most impressive set of jaws. Unlike the lion and tiger the jaguar has very little competition in the form of predators. Jaguars typically hunt peccary, caiman, tapir, deer, and larger rodents such as Capybara, Paca and Agouti, to reptiles, monkeys and fish. The favorite prey of Jaguars is peccary, which full grown weigh 20 to 40 kilograms (44 to 88) pounds. Jaguars that live near cattle ranches have been known to attack cattle and horses.

    Jaguars are typically more energetic than there larger cousins and are active 50-60% during a 24 hour period. They have phenomenally strong jaws and kill prey with a single bite to the skull. This allows the jaguar to make meals out of armadillo and young caiman.

    But let us make sure to separate fact from fiction, the jaguar is a most impressive feline but in terms of sheer power, the lion and tiger are more capable of taking down the largest of prey animals. Pound for pound the jaguar is the most powerful but this in now way means that is the most powerful of all the cats, it means that all things equal if all cats were the same weight the jaguar would prevail as the most powerful. In terms of hunting skills I believe that the jaguar has a higher efficiency than the lion or tiger. The jaguar’s success rate is around 30-40% whereas the lion is around 20-30% and the tiger is around 5-10%. The most effective of all felines is the puma with an astonishing success rate of 85%. The jaguar also has a wider prey base than lions or tigers. Take all of this in account and it still doesn’t mean the jaguar is the most powerful, the lion, Siberian, and “simple” Bengal tiger are so much larger and more powerful and thus capable of killing larger prey than the jaguar.]

    300 pound Jaguar Vs. 340 pound Bengal Tiger= Jaguar Wins.

    300 pound Jaguar Vs. 480-510 pound Bengal Tiger- Probably the Tiger.

    Source(s): It has been reported that "an individual jaguar can drag a 360 kg (800-pound) bull 25 feet (8 m) in its jaws and pulverize the heaviest bones". Videos: Jaguar Vs. Anaconda (Real video) more Jaguar Videos-
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    Jaguar Vs Tiger

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    A Bengal tiger is very heavy and a jaguar has a strong bite. They have their stuff, but a Bengal can stand on it's feet and is so much heavier that you have got to say Bengal tiger. And even if the jaguar tired to escape by swimming, running or climbing up a tree, a Bengal tiger can do that to. But the only reason a Bengal tiger would lose if it is a 340 pound jaguar and a 340 pound Bengal. But, I might be wrong. What do you think

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    Jaguar or Tiger thats a popular questions it depends on who get the first bite ok heres how it would probably go down (even know there on different continents this would never be a fight unless they grabbed them both and put them in a cage) Jaguar has the strongest bite force and pure agility but then the tiger has size and muscle power but even know the jaguar is the strongest built cat Pound for pound but since thats not the case Tiger would probably have the advantage of strength but since the jaguar has the agility it could probably attack the neck/leg of the Tiger and the tiger would have no hope but then say if the jag missed the tiger could use its brute force while the jag is startled the tiger could end it with a bite to the head so it could go either way

    300 pound jaguar vs 400 pound tiger-jaguar

    350 pound jaguar vs 500 pound tiger-Tiger

    so where looking at how lucky each animal is there both really powerful cats and should not be reckoned with personally i like jaguar but Tiger is probably more man deadly

    hope this helped

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    This Site Might Help You.


    who will win in a fight between jaguar and bengal tiger if they somehow meet?

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    Jaguar Vs Lion

  • According to tiger experts, Tiger is too powerful and intelligent. When you compare, you compare with best of A to best of B. So, when you compare the best of Jaguar group to the best of Royal Bengal tiger group, then the title goes to Royal Bengal Tiger. Let me keep it simple. The tiger uses its paws. And tiger's paw swipe is considered very deadly which would actually rip off considerable flesh or could heavily damage. Whereas Jaguar would totally depend on it's jaws. But the problem is, jaguar should be able to reach the tiger's neck, whereas a tiger could swipe with its paw if the jaguar is anywhere closer. And moreover the tiger can stand on its two legs which would give additional support for the tiger in a combat. Overall a Tiger is powerful than a Jaguar. Jaguar can lock on the tiger if the tiger was not cautious, but in reality the tiger would notice the Jaguar before the Jaguar could actually become aware of the tiger's presence. Tiger works with its two paws and Jaws, whereas a Jaguar is depending on its jaws only.

    There are many factors experts consider like, Blood flow rate (makes tiger stand up on two legs), Adrenaline, Haemoglobin ratios, Muscle type, regeneration of energy etc.

    I came to know from Tiger experts like Dr Karanth, Dr Sunfest and Jim Corbet books based on his life experience.

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    Unnamed has so much false information I couldn't possibly counter all of it.

    No Bengal tiger weighs around 300lbs, they're averagely 450lbs. A Siberian tiger is 670lbs.

    Tigers are 30% stronger than male lions in multiple areas including the shoulder and hip joints. Jaguars might be the strongest cat pound for pound but even a ant can lift more of its own weight, does that mean its stronger or could defeat it in a fight.

    A lions size gives him the win against any jaguar, so imagine just how much stronger a tiger is than a jaguar overall.

    A tiger is always the winner.

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    If a tiger and jaguar fights the tiger is always the winner,jaguar is no match for a bengal or siberian tiger.because the jaguar may have the strongest bite or agilty in feline family its not enough to fight its bigger cousins.the tigers are also fast and agile according to the situations.and not to forget tiger is the natural and powerful boxer in the animal chance at all for a jaguar with a face off with tiger..

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    The Jaguars may be powerful but Tigers are fearless and big hearted,they have the hunting skills,they can stalk their prey without the prey knowing it,can chase in good speed,can kill a big animal in one bite,can stay hungry for days,females can hunt efficiently in pregnancy.

    Weight comparison and fighting are two different things,it is not necessary that the one who is more heavy and strong will win,it depends not only in the built and agility but also on the technique and experience of hunting and fighting with other carnivoras.

    The Tiger is a solitary animal and totally depends upon itself for survival compared to the pride of Lions or Jaguars,so their responsibility and experience of hunting and fighting alone is higher,so the strongest male tiger will win the fight with the strongest male jaguar and the strongest female tiger will definitely win the fight with the strongest female jaguar.

    Hail! to these beautiful animals.Tigers rock..Cheers!!!

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    The jaguar would kill a bengal tiger because, It is stronger, has the strongest bite of any cat or any mammal, It is more intelligent and deadlier.The jaguar would kill a tiger in about ten minutes.The jaguar can kill any land animal. It would kill a tiger by jumping on the tigers back and bite the back of its head. The jaguar has 2,000 pound of bite force, the strongest jaws and teeth of all cats and all mammals. That is two times stronger than the tiger and 4 times stronger than the lion. The tigers bite force is 1,000 pounds and the lions bite force is 500 pounds. The jaguar is also stealthier than all oter cats.

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