This may sound stupid ... But, what exactly are and the difference of a on-line blog,forum and bulletin board?

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    Physically? Not much.

    They're all Active Server Pages or Web Pages.

    It's the use that differentiates them.

    A bulletin Board is where people post their notices or statements. No replies are expected.

    A blog is a personal mini Web Site which can be linked to a lot of other pages or Sites, and is run by the Indivual. Here, you can read what that person has to say and post your response etc.

    A Forum is a public Platform where people gather to do something, like here at Yahoo Answers, where people usually come for help.

    Hope this was simple enough.


    Simon Templar.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A blog is one persons personal web log talking about whatever they want and people can sometimes leave comments or give feedback.

    A Forum is where you post questions and discuss a specific topic (whatever the forum was started for).

    A Bulletin Board is a computer system that lets users dial into the system using a terminal program, for downloading and uploading software and data, getting news, posting messages......this was around before most people used the web and way before p2p, torrents or social web sites.

    Source(s): personal knowledge Wikipedia can give you a more detailed answer
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