difference between classical music and romantic music?

i wnat a comparison between music of the classical period and the romantic period

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    The classical period includes music written for the royalty and aristocracy in Europe during the 18th century. The composer was employed by the courts to provide high entertainment in the form of opera and concerts, plus some sacred works as the occassion demanded.

    Gluck, Hayden and Mozart worked for the courts and their music was elegant, formal and restrained compared to the romantic period.

    Beethoven was one of the first major composers who wrote music for the "everyman" and actually hated the aristocacy. His heros were Emmanuel Kant and Napolean (until the latter declared himself emperor). Beethoven said to hell with kowtowing to the aristocracy and royalty and propped himself up as the central figure in his own music decision process.

    Around the same time, the aristocracy started to lose much of its power. Democracy and the feeling that executive power comes from a mandate of the masses and that wealth and power were not entitlements became widespread.

    Later composers idiolized Beethoven's fierce independence and sought rich benefactors who would allow them to compose whatever they wanted as opposed to being a humble employee of the courts. Schubert, Mendellsohn, Brahms and Wagner were examples of Germanic composers who wrote very personal and dramatic music without much regard to what the courts liked.

    This was what marked the romantic period... larger and longer works, bigger ensembles, the composer as visionary and fiercely independent artist, much more dramatic, emotive, and personal works.

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    Rick D is partially right. You have Classical, Baroque, and Romantic.

    Romantic music has more embellishments and flourish then Classical music.

    Classical is more linear in form then Romantic.

    Then of course, the time period they were written in.

    For comparisons, that is about all I can think of.

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    These are two different time periods of music. The Classical period was from 1750-1820. The Romantic period was from 1820-1910. Here is a link to a website that gives you a basic description of the time periods.


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    Hmm music wise...


    Uses alberti bass

    Simple melody line

    Running notes

    Major/ Minor


    Heavy chords

    Use of pedal is very common

    Wide range of dynamics

    Very free use of accidentals

    Consonant & Dissonant sounds

    Rich and sonorous

    More dramatic

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    if you have time and the inclination to read, please check out these highly informative and entertaining works:

    The Classical Style

    The Romantic Generation

    both by Charles Rosen. He is one of the leading experts in the field, and his books are common on the shelves of university bookstores as course materials.

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  • 1 decade ago

    romantic music puts a person into a romantic state of mind thru personal experiences of the heart or fantasy thoughts...

    classical is not always romantic and it only apeels to a small group.

    romance can be found in different music styles and time periods

    Source(s): personal experience
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