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Diamond Bar, LA, CA

我計畫响 7 月中到8月中到LA玩,我會stay响Diamond Bar.我想去outlet shopping, 睇下名勝, 到處visit, 有咩地方係好出名一定要去睇下ga. Pls give me some suggestion

What should I aware???

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    For Shopping at Outlet Malls, there are plenty, the closest one is Ontario Mills. (due east for about 15 miles);Desert Hills Premium Outlet (farther east for about 65 miles) or stop by Barstow on your way to Las Vegas.

    For sight seeing, other than the usual stuff like Disneyland, University Studio, Santa Monica...you can try go to visit Oxnard for fresh strewberry picking; a day trip to Santa Barbara along Highway 101 for a wine tasting "Sideway"; travel south along I-5 freeway to Dana Point to feel the breeze and watch sunset; go up along Highway 39 north up the Azusa Mountains and watch sunrise; have a sidewalk tour along Colorado Boulevard at Pasadena for an evening with the yuppies; or go to Irvine "the Block" and do bar hopping.

    How about trying out golf games at one of the golf driving range in Diamond Bar or Walnut? Try out the Go-Kart in Rowland Heights? Do something that you will not do in HK, and go really "sideway" once in a while, just to break away from the normal routine.

    Enjoy the trip and welcome to Los Angeles. Make sure you dress light and have long sleeve clothings, a lot of sunblock lotions and don't come without your sunglasses. California sunshine is world famous...it is REALLY HOT in summer.


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    palm spring outlet

    hollywood, melrose, santa monica, beverly hills, pasadena, sunset blvd.

    summer is the perfect time for beach: newport beach, venice beach is very nice

    try visit orange county

    if you want chinese food, diamond bar, monterey park is a good choice

    Source(s): i lived around there
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