I noticed that the Ernest A. Love flying field has a control tower. Does a C-150 need a transponder to land?

The field has a control tower just south of the runway. I was surprised to see that in such a small town. However, Prescott is booming and getting bigger.

If a person wanted to land a Cessna 150 there would the aircraft be required to be fitted with a transponder?

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    Probably. But double-check in the latest FAR-AIM to find out for sure. Fact is that an encoding transponder is a real good idea to have anyway and it *is* a must have if you're going to go through Phoenix's TCA. Even if you're VFR ☺


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If it is class B, C, or D airspace, yes it would. Check your aeronautical charts

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