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Blank asked in Home & GardenCleaning & Laundry · 1 decade ago

HELP! got oil paint on the carpet?

My son, ever the artist, stepped on his palette, and tracked the paw like red spot all over the house on the off white carpet!

Need a quick remedy, as I go to work in the morning.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    QUOTE: First of all, keep in mind that oil-based paint and water do not mix. Never attempt to clean oil-based paint from carpeting with a carpet-cleaning machine that uses water. Also, paints that have dried on carpeting or other material are just about impossible to get out. If you happen to get oil paint on carpeting or upholstery, you’re more likely to successfully remove it if you tend to the spill immediately.

    Right after the spill occurs, blot up as much paint as possible using clean absorbent paper toweling. Gently blot the area with clean paper towels until they can no longer absorb the stain. Never rub or wipe a stain. Doing so will grind the paint into the fibers, making the stain impossible to remove.

    After blotting up as much paint as possible, find several clean, dry rags. Use white rags so you can see your progress in removing the stain from the material. Apply a small amount of paint thinner or turpentine to the first rag. Blot the stain gently, being careful not to grind it into the fibers or deeper into the pile. Use clean rags to continue this process until the stain is gone.

    After the stain has been lifted using turpentine or paint thinner, clean the area using a carpet or upholstery-cleaning product of your choice. Allow it to dry, and vacuum the area.

    Remember to always use caution when working with paint thinner or turpentine. Provide adequate ventilation, and always use gloves when using it for stain removal purposes. Paint thinner and turpentine can irritate or burn the skin. If it does come in contact with exposed skin, immediately wash with soap and water. UNQUOTE

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