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How much maintenance is involved w/ a hairstyle like John Legend?

Hey all. I'm a young black male looking to do something new after 10+ years of doing the shaved head thing. It fit me pretty well but now I think it's time to do some updating, and try a new look. I was checking out John Legend's hair style and I think I might be able to pull that off. My complexion is similar and I've been growing the wild weeds on my head for the past four months. LOL My biggest concern is that the maintenance will be killer. I'm pretty active in the gym, and not washing my hair daily thanks to sweat is not an option. I know I'd do best asking a stylist, but does anyone have any ideas on the upkeep of such a style? Thanks all!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    not much upkeep is needed, just edge-ups like most black males dont have to wash your hair everyday. i say at the most once every two or three weeks - even if you sweat.

    definitely try getting your hair two-strand twisted by someone who knows what they are doing. if they are trying to put all kind of gels in your hair RUN! - they dont have a clue what they are doing. it doesnt take gel. natural black hair curls when whatever is applied to it. so like i said get it two strand can leave it in for about a week max two or three days minimum then release them and add a night light moisturizer or pomade (nothing greasy or oily-thatll make your hair dirty). opt to natural products like HEMPZ..they have a great line of shampoos, texture pastes, etc. you can also try ellin lavir textures, thats my second choice.

    its easy. the style will last for a good month. remember: the smaller the twists, the smaller the curls. the bigger the two strand twists the larger and more loose they will be (causing them to not last as long)

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  • 4 years ago

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