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ATT/Yahoo portal (not connection) question?

ATT/Yahoo partnership is not related to the connection, but is a PORTAL arrangement with features that do not appear to be available to customers who choose other providers. My Yahoo pages (IE7) on ATT/Yahoo portal have more interactive, java-type features. I would like to see these functions on the My Yahoo pages-regardless of who I choose to connect through, now with a connect thru Roadrunner Cable. I do not use either ATT or Roadrunner proprietary interfaces, preferring the My Yahoo Internet Explorer customization.

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    check to make sure your portal is set on 80 as this should allow u to receive anything

    with that value as hptt:/myyahoo is and bypass the att/yahoo all togetter I'm pretty sure that's how I fixed mine when I went from ATT to Verizon and by the way Verizon's about the best around when it comes to troubleshooting and unlike yahoo they respond to your problems or question quick not like ATT or YAHOO who take weeks or not at all

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    I am curious, what kind of features do you have that no one else does?

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    you should post this suggestion on the yahoo message board

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